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LA Staff News


Monday: Casual RED Monday--Go Chiefs!


Mark and Jared out for PBL


Mark and Jared out for PBL


Mark and Jared out for PBL

Friday: Valic Take II 8:00 AM (It is 5 mins of information; anything beyond that is optional.)

Officer Jeanice Corum Retirement Reception: 3:00-6:00 at Second Baptist Church

Upcoming dates to note:

10/8-12: LPS United Way Fundraiser

10/12: All school cookout (trying to move this to Pharis Farm to coincide with all school service project)

10/20: Liberty Education Foundation Fundraiser at Gary Crossley Ford. See Melissa if you need ticket info.

10/22-23: Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00

Conference treats: Monday (Peggy and Co. will have snacks); Tuesday: Chic-Fil-A providing dinner

Items to Note:

Still looking for a staff member willing to be our building coordinator for the LPS United Way Campaign. Please?!?!??!

How can we incorporate the opportunity for kids to use our machines to do laundry without them feeling different by doing so?

Absences at LA

As if you didn't know, there is NO substitute for YOU! :) We have had a lot of staff absences for a variety of reasons to date. In order to help put the building/remaining staff in the best position possible, please do the following:

  • Enter absences in Aesop as soon as you know you will be gone. This will help our fill rate.
  • Prearrange for a sub whenever possible. To date, this is our list of subs that do well and like being at LA:
  • Jerry Peters: jerry.peters.kes@lps53.org OR 816-929-5490
  • Laura Mackenzie: laura.mackenzie.kes@lps53.org OR 816-394-8170
  • Victor Lee: vllee07@sbcglobal.net
  • Shelly Fritz: shelleyfritzhealing@gmail.com 913-235-1260
  • Proactively "select" subs so that when it gets put into the system it will send to our fav subs first. Directions for how to do so are below.
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Big picture

LPS Diversity Festival

Based on what I've seen our kids do at LA, some of them have an interest in educating others about their culture (ex. Isra's project last spring). It would be cool if LA was represented at this event!

Its that time of year again and we need your help! Liberty Public Schools are proud to be hosting the 3rd Annual Diversity Festival celebrating many of the diverse cultures that make up our community. The theme this year is - THRIVE: Culturally, Locally, Globally. We are seeking those interested in educating others regarding different aspects of their culture/diversity. If you are interested in possibly hosting a booth at this year’s festival, or may know of someone who is, please complete the survey that is linked below by Friday, October 5th. This year’s festival will be held November 8th, 6-8pm @ Liberty North High School.

Call for Booths Sign-Up LINK