Registered Nurse

Graduation Project

Where will you go to school?

I will go to school at either A&t or Winston Salem State. I pick them because they both have the best nursing programs. And they are my dream schools and they not that hard to get in to. They both are party school I like to party but I work hard at the same time. Another reason is because they both are historically colleges you can learn a lot about African American people that went to that school before you did. And you can learn how it was back than for them when they was in school. You can find out if it was hard or if it took a long time to complete their degree.

How to move up?

How I will move up in my career I will take on projects that will help build my resume, I will do the thing no one else wants to do. Be like-able, love your job or do something about it. I will also be a leader. I can also go back to school to learn more stuff in my career and even if its not in my career. So that if they need more people in another field I can be the one who can help out. Without them hiring someone new to do the job.

Education needed?

The education I need to become a registered is a high school diploma. A associate's or bachelor's degree in nursing. Also get a diploma from an accredited nursing program. And last thing to do is take the National Council License Examination-Registered Nurse. And then I am a Registered nurse.

Starting Salary?

Registered nurse starting salary......

With an associates degree the starting range is between $19.90-$35.82

With an bachelor degree they start at $57,996

With an masters degree the starting range is between $36,670-$85,503

What do registered nurses do?

Registered nurses record patients medical histories and symptoms help perform diagnostic test and analyze results. They operate medical machinery administer treatment and medications and help with patient follow up and rehabilitation. They also treat patients educate patients the public about various medical conditions. And provide advice and emotional support to patients family members.

Why do I want to do this career?

I want to do this career because I love helping people and this would be the best job to do because you are helping the patients by inform them on medical histories and symptoms. I will help operate medical machinery,administer treatment and medications and help with patient follow up and rehabilitation. I will be emotional support for patients and patients family members. I will be their friend when they need one, I will talk to them when they need someone to talk to. I will help them with everything they need help with because they I love helping people to be happy.


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