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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of March 23-27: Stay healthy!


I hope that you were able to enjoy your spring break amidst all of the developments with the Coronavirus and announcements of school closures. I am sure you are anxious and stressed. I will do my best to work with you through every step of this. The most important thing is your health!

Let's do this online distance learning!

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Google Classrooms


I created a Google Classroom for you if you don't have one already. I added a shell of assignments; see my email~it's the basics!

Inclusion teachers, I tried to add you to classes you serve.

ASD/IND teachers, I did not add you in here since your students will work through Unique.

DO NOT WORRY! We will figure this out together. The shell I have given you will suffice the district's expectations. You can make it more involved if you wish. We will work on adding your students and going over attendance/grading procedures at the grade level meetings this upcoming week.

You can change the order of assignments, the names, your background, etc.--there are all kinds of options! I just wanted you to have a starting point.

Are there mistakes? It is very possible! I worked on these late and am new at this! No worries~we can edit together!

Classified Schedule this Week

Classified staff, please see my email for your days to report to work this upcoming week. Please contact me if you are feeling ill or have a previous health condition in which you are not comfortable being on campus.

Instructional Schedule This Week

Instructional staff, please see my email about our grade-level meetings. If you can report to school, that is great. If you feel ill or uncomfortable coming to the school, please let me know and we can try and do a Zoom call with you during your meeting time.

CHANGE OF PLANS: In order to provide appropriate distance during the meeting, we will meet in the cafeteria. On Monday, PreK can still meet in the media center. All other grades, please plan to meet with me in the cafeteria.

*Remember, you have the option to work at school or remotely. Please choose what is best for you and your family.

Staff Children

Please remember: Your child is allowed to accompany you on campus if you are working this week. He/she must be under your direct supervision.

Book Club

Book Club is this Wednesday at 5:30 pm. I am going to host it virtually if you are able to attend. I will email members with details this week.

Questions and Concerns?!

Please feel free to reach out to me! There has been a lot of information shared and this can be overwhelming. Let me know if you need anything or have questions!

We are in this transition to online learning together! :)

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