Room 207


Happy 100th Day of School!

Today, Monday, 2/8/16 was the hundredth day of school!

Homework: Just a reminder that if your child does not record the 30 minutes per night of reading in their reading log, or hand in their math packets by Friday, they will be staying in during recess on Mondays to make up their work. I really do not want anyone to miss out on recess, so please help remind your students of what is expected of them.

Report Cards: If you haven't done so already, please review your child's report card with them, sign it and send it back in for my records.

Morning Work: Each morning I will be writing up some word problems for students to solve. This will keep them in practice and strengthen their skills for solving multiplication and division equations. We will review our results each day.

Math: This week we will be continuing our studies on area and perimeter.

Writing: We will be working on practicing informative writing this week in writing.

Science: We will continue our studies on landforms and bodies of water.

Please use the above link to sign up via Google Doc if you can help bring in some school supplies, here is our wish list:

1) Glue sticks

2) Ticonderoga # 2 pencils (please no fancy pencils, these cause issues and don't sharpen well)

3) Big erasers

4) Tissues

5) Hand sanitizer

6) Expo white board spray/cleaner

7) Colored pencils

8) Sharpies

9) Staples

10) Paper clips

11) Paper clamps

Thank you so very much!

Lets all stay hydrated, our brains work better when we are!

Please send in a water bottle with your child that can stay in our classroom, this way students are not getting up during the day asking to go to the water fountain!