WMS Friday Forecast

December 1, 2017 - Volume 14

Dear RedHawk Parents:

I have already sent this survey through ParentLink, so if you completed it, thank you! If you have not, would you take one minute to complete it?

There are two things for which I would like to receive feedback from you:

  1. We enjoyed seeing many of you at parent-teacher conferences last week. With a new format, I like to get feedback from parents on the quality, scheduling, and format.
  2. School Photos this fall went fairly well. There was some confusion about re-take day which was my fault. But your feedback would be appreciated.

Please click on this link to take the one-minute survey!



WMS 1st Quarter Honor Roll - CLICK HERE

This list that EXCLUDES any children's names whose parent's did not want them published.

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Our WMS Pond - Wredling Renovators Update

Students who are a part of the Wredling Renovators Club are dedicated to beautifying our indoor and outdoor areas for a greater sense of community and pride. In October, they finished the overhaul of an overgrown space, turning it into a beautiful pond, complete with a waterfall, new perennials and maple trees. Seating will be added in the spring so that the space can be enjoyed by students as an outdoor classroom.

A note from the Renovators sponsor...

Beginning this club, I couldn't have imagined the overwhelming amount of support and generosity these students would experience from our great community leaders! What great role models we have in Saint Charles. I am beyond grateful for the following people:

  • Greg Whittstock (Pond Jedi) and his staff at Aquascapes generously donated all materials and time to work with this group from start to finish on the pond... with humor and patience!
  • John Baird and our D303 facilities team planted new trees and added finishing touches so that the big picture came together as students had envisioned it.
  • Jenny Risch (Master Jenny) met with students many times for design and planting AND made sure that we were properly supplied with hats, gloves, and socks. :)
  • Christa Bormann, horticulturist at Heinz Brothers, also worked with students on design and donated many plants as well!

My most significant gratitude, though, lies with this group of passionate students. They spent hours designing, learning, and working without complaint, bringing all those around them much joy and beauty! Go Renovators!

Be sure to check out the wonderful video below shared with us by Greg Wittsock - The Pond Guy!



We are continuing to have some students ordering food to be delivered to school. This is fine for home, but NOT for school. Please talk to your RedHawk about not having food delivered to school if this is their issue. If parents want to drop-off food for their child, not a group, that is certainly welcome!

We no longer accept food delivery items in the office. This policy was announced on October 27th and will be followed by our office staff. For example: If a Jimmy Johns delivery person shows up with an order for a student, the order will not be accepted.

Thank you for your help in making students understand this policy.

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The Rise Program and Be Kind for 25!

The RISE program continues to be purposeful about sharing acts of kindness around the school, home, and community. Throughout this week we focused on showing kindness to each other by smiling at them, giving help to people we know, and cleaning up after ourselves, among other things. We also tried to step out of our comfort zone by asking someone new how they were. Maybe some new friendships were begun this week!

Today, we will be heading to the Salvation Army to donate the food that we have collected. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated food. Remember to share your acts of kindness with Mrs. Casey or come on down to room 409 to share a picture or story so we can add it to our Kindness wall! Have a wonderful day!

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D303 SO Basketball Update

D303 United won their first game in program history tonight on the road against Oswego by a score of 12-10! We are so proud of this team. They show remarkable enthusiasm and great sportsmanship in their games. Way to go D303 United. Keep up the great teamwork!
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Calling All Wredling Band/Choir/Orchestra Families!

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It's Time for the Annual Jim Wheeler Toys for Kids Program! Donate Through December 11

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CLICK HERE for all of this week's flyers

This link gives you access to downloadable copies of the flyers included in this week's FF!


We are just a week away from our annual fundraiser, "Jazz Cafe", which will take place in the Main Gym on Friday, December 8th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. We still need your help! Please click this link http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c44a9a62da6f49-wredling to sign up to donate food and beverage items for Jazz Cafe. We are still in desperate need of desserts and bottled water. Thanks for your support!

Please Be Careful!

As the sun is setting earlier please be extra careful when picking up your child from after school activities. Use caution and watch out for both students and staff crossing the circular drive in front of the school.

Please wait for ALL pedestrians to cross before driving around them - especially with the more slippery weather upon us.

Thank you!