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Happy American Education Week

Monday: Happy Birthday, Nick!

Tuesday: Breakfast treats provided by LPS

Music Group

Voc. Rehab . 8:30-11:00

Center School District Visit: 1:30



Principals Meeting at 8:15: MN

Friday: Support Your School: Wear Your College Gear!

Friday Group with Brittany Meets

Upcoming Dates:

11/25: Health and Financial Freedom Workshop by Dion Lucas

11/25: Thanksgiving Dinner provided by PVBC

11/26: Prepare building for carpet shampoo: Stack chairs, move furniture

11/27-29: No School, Happy Thanksgiving

NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

Week of Nov. 25 SEL Lesson

Lesson 13: Learning to Be Your Best as a Communicator

  1. Circle: How does stress affect your breathing? What happens to your communication when you are in the middle of a trigger situation?

  2. Skill Introduction: Three Modes of Communication

    1. Agressive: loud, confronts other people, gets in their faces or doesn’t take into account what the other person is doing at the moment

    2. Passive: Quiet, meek, look nervous, hesitant to speak up

    3. Assertive: speak with confidence, stand or sit up straight, make appropriate eye contact, don’t interrupt others, say what we want to say, use a tone of voice that is strong but not loud (most effective form of communication) This helps others truly listen to us and not just hear us. Use the acronym BEST: Body Language, Eye Contact, Speech, Tone of Voice.

  3. Which communication style is most beneficial and effective in highly emotional situations?

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Small Mall Coming!

The Small Mall is an awesome way to ensure that our families have a little Christmas. This week, find that store room or top of closet space in your house. Do you have a new/like new item that someone may want to wrap up for a sibling, parent, or grandparent? We need a healthy mix of necessities (bedding, hygiene items, clothing) and gift like items (decor, jewelry, toys/books, etc.). There is a box in Melissa's office where you can drop your donated items! The Small Mall was a HUGE success due to the efforts of our staff to reach into their networks to pick up things here and there to supplement the church's drive. Make it your goal to bring in ONE item this week! :)
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