Hairstyles of the 1950s

Vintage Hairstyles People Style and Love Even Today!

Vintage Hair

These are the hairstyles that people have always tended to love! Some hairstyles like the poodle cut & also the ducktail were influenced by celebrities and famous people. People like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley and many other actresses, actors, and singers were influences. Although some hairstyles caught on with the trends from famous people some hairstyles caught on with trends and never went away. Like a buzz cut for boys and men and the ponytail for teenage girls.


The similarities of past and present hairstyles.The hairstyles of the 1950s have affected even today's hairstyles. The hairstyles that were common in the 1950s tend to have short curly hair for women and ponytails for teenage girls. Women today still like to wear their hair more short and shoulder length and young girls tend to still wear simple but stylish ponytails. Men on the other hand would wear buzz cuts and boys would wear crew cuts. I know this is still popular because men will still tend to wear a military short buzz cut and looking around classrooms boys tend to wear short hair like crew cuts but not too many buzz cuts. These haircuts are and were stylish but easy to accomplish.


The differences of past and present hairstyles. Today,hairstyles can still be related to the 1950s hair but some people have gone modern. For example men and boys have started to wear their hair a little longer and shaggy. Men and boys also like to wear their hair with a quiff which has become popular in the past few years. On the other hand women have started to wear their hair really long and straight. Or really tight curls. As you can see hair now has become longer and different from the 1950s.
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Past pic

This picture shows very common haircuts for men and women in the 1950s. (Top) Shows our very own President Barack Obama with a buzz cut hairstyle. (Bottom) Marilyn Monroe is sporting an average shoulder length haircut with loose curls. A common haircut for women.
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Present pic

This picture shows common hairstyles of present time. (Top) Shows a boy who is wearing his hair very long and shaggy. (Bottom) Shows a girl who is wearing her hair long,natural,and wavy. These are common hairstyles for present day.