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Multiple Technology Standards as well as Math and ELA standards


Teaching, Learning, and Assessments- Teachers will use technology effectively for assessing student learning by providing rigorous and relevant experiences for all learners by using the sites that will be introduced. Teachers will see research based best practices from the sites that will be visited. They will also learn how to use the technology tools and resources to emphasize creativity, higher order thinking skills and processes, and critical thinking.

Why Should I Use MICA?

  • MICA is a FREE tool provided by the state that will serve as the delivery system forTNReady item samplers that are aligned to TN Academic Standards.
  • Teachers can use the questions found here to create practice student assessments – formative assessments over specific standards they have taught.
  • This will be open ALL YEAR for teachers to use as a tool for instruction.
  • They can also use this tool to bring up TNReady like questions, aligned to TNReady standards, and work through them together as a class.
  • MICA is the best resource we have on what actual TNReady questions should look like outside of the state practice assessment.

What's Changed?

Teachers will see several changes to the MICA platform since the beginning of the year.

  • Students are now loaded into the program and can take assessments.
  • There are now 50-70 questions for each grade level in both ELA and Math.
  • There is also a new "Advanced Search" feature that makes finding items easier.
  • There will be 7-12 SS questions added per grade level by the end of October.

How Do I Log In?

  • Go to www.micatime.com
  • Your new username (after 9/4/15), will be your Edtools username. If you do not know your password, you can select "Forgot Password" to reset it.

How Should I Use MICA in My Classroom?

Let's look at 10 Ways to Use MICA with your class:

1. Use a few questions as a pre-test and/or post-test to find out what students know before and after a unit.
2. Use a question as an exit ticket after a lesson or assign problems for homework.
3. Use several questions as a center as part of center rotation.
4. Use a question to create a classroom learning probe.
5. Assign one question to the class and walk through it together to learn the features.
6. Use problems as part of a larger formal assessment.
7. Assign problems during intervention or enrichment time.
8. Create individualized quizzes based on student areas of improvement or use relevant questions on a chapter or unit test.
9. Create a common test with other grade level PLC teachers and review results together. 10. Set questions up for bell-work or class starters as a pre-assessment for a lesson or a review of the previous day’s lesson. After everyone answers have one student go to the computer and answer.

How Can I Demonstrate the Types of Questions Students Might See in MICA or TNReady?

From your "dashboard" screen, click on the "Practice" tab. This is a great way to show students the types of questions the may see as well has how to manipulate the MICA tools.

***There are no "calculator" and "non-calculator" standards. The standards can be tested both ways.***

How Do I Create an Assessment or Look at Questions?

MICA Help: Creating a New Assessment

Important tips to remember when filtering questions:

  • Math--you can sort for questions that do/do not use a calculator.
  • ELA--you can sort passages by Lexile, word count, etc. If you find a passage you like, you can click on the ellipses (...) to see all questions associated with that passage.

Remember, you cannot add or edit questions in MICA!

Writing Tasks

They are loaded in the ELA section. There are different types for each grade level.

3rd- 2 informative and 1 narrative

4th- 2 informative

5th- 1 informative and 1 opinion (really narrative)

Social Studies Questions

5th- 10 questions

4th- 9 questions

3rd- 7 questions

How Do I Share My Assessments with My Team?

From the MICA Help Section:

To share an existing assessment:

  • On the Assessments page, click the check box next to the assessment name.
  • Click the Share button.
  • In the top text box, type the teachers' email addresses with whom you wish to share the assessment. Use a semicolon (;), space, or new line to separate each of them.
  • In the second text box, type a message to be sent to the teacher(s) with whom you are sharing the assessment. If the email address typed in matches the email address of a MICA user, the email recipient will receive a notification that an assessment has been shared with him or her. A notification will also be delivered when an existing shared assessment has been modified by the assessment creator.
  • Click Share.

How Can Students Access MICA?

  • Students will use the same web address as teachers: www.micatime.com.
  • Student Username/Passwords for MICA can be found in your "Roster" section. From that section, you can click on "Printable View" and print out log in tickets for each student. Please note: their password is NOT the same as their computer password and is case sensitive!
  • If a student is not on your roster, do not add them. Notify your testing coordinator or tech coach so they can send the information to CO.
  • Once they are logged in, they can see all assigned assessments under the "To Do" section of their screen.
  • Students can use hand held calculators on the test. They do not have to use the online ones.

How Can I Access My Data After an Assessment?

What if I Still Need Help?

If you still need assistance with MICA, please email or book an appointment with your technology coach.