Laurens CROWNS Monthly Newsletter!

February Team Stats and News

Welcome CROWNS!

Hey Crowns!

I am so excited about the New Spring Catalog!! I think, by far this one is my fav!! The Spring season is a great opportunity to reach out to everyone, because sports are getting started and everyone loves to spring clean and prepare for the spring & summer months to come! Perfect time to get back to the basics.

Monthly Sales and Team Recognition

Spring is here and better than before!! With our new prints and styles for the Spring we are sure to put a little color back into Spring and kiss the winter goodbye!! If you are need of new ideas and some encouragement, lean on me as well as your Thirty-One Sisters!! Ladies, I would like each of you to push the envelope and have a goal of at least 500.00 or more a month! With the New Spring Catalog anything is possible. Show it to everyone you know. Do not prejudge because you don't think she would not want to earn some free product or take advantage of our awesome customer specials. If you do not ask, someone else will.

February 2014

Team Sales: $5,880.00

Team Parties: 16

Lauren Coleson: $1,574.00

Nichelle Davis: $1,099.00

Susan Serow: $605.00

Lorene Pickering: $577.00

Jamie Harrold: $395.00

Kim Akers: $346.00

Amie Trainor: $332.00

Nikkol Camarillo: $268.00

Heather Tyson: $212.00

Lisa Palacios: $122.00

Amy Richardson: $120.00

Jade Burns: $95.00

Tani Zapata: $90.00

Amoree Willard: $45.00

Congratulations to Nichelle Davis for being Top in Sales for February!

March Team Sales and Party Goals

Team Sales: $6,000

Party Goals: 19

With everyone partying and working our business we can do this!! I believe in YOU!

Current & Upcoming Monthly Specials!

March Monthly Customer Special:

For every 35.00 your customer spends, they can purchase a Cindy tote, Inside out Bag, Euro Straw tote, Easy Breezy tote or Retro Metro Fold over for 50% off!

Hostess Special:

Room to Grow and Party Thermal are back in March!

Extra Hostess Special: Hostess sales are $200-$599 she can purchase of the specials above for only $15.00 and when her sales are $600 or more she gets one for free while supplies last. Please be sure to check the Business Update!

April Customer Special:

For every $35.00 your customer spends they can purchase a returning favorite the Pro Duffle with new prints and a new All-Pro Tote with exclusive colors for only $25.00. These two items are not in the catalog and are only available for April only!!

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Dream Building

Please help me Welcome our newest CROWN to our team & Thirty-One Family! We are so excited to have you apart of our team!!

Deandra Casto, VA joined by Lauren Coleson

Don't forget my March Recruiting Challenge! Person with the most recruits will win a $25.00 Business Credit from me!

Look who is close to becoming a Qualified Consultant

Qualified Consultant is when you have sold a $1,000

Let's CHEER our Thirty-One Sisters on!! Y'all can do this!!

Amy Richardson: $55.50

Amber Minto: $244.00

Chelsey Macleod: $325.00

Amie Trainor: $668.00

Patricia Rutt: $759.00

Martha Owens: $975.05

Deandra Casto: $1,000

Kristi Wager: $1,000

Karina Macleod: $1,000

National Conference Star Earners

If you haven't registered for National Conference yet I encourage you to do so! Please contact me if you need any help registering!

We have a BLAST. I can not wait to attend this year...did you know consultants who attend National Conference their business grows 40%!

Don't wait register TODAY!

Congrats ladies on earning STARS! Keep earning those STARS!

How to Market March

1. Show your customers the value of the specials

2. Increase your party order with the add -on

3. Bookings- utilize text blitz and facebook options

4. Harness tools available to you.. redstamp, back office invitations and other tools on thirty-one today

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How are you Marketing your business?

Here is a Fun way to Market your business:

Its called Hostess of the Month Club. All you do is get 6 ladies (April - September for example) Each month they spend $35.00 which qualifies them for that months special they do not have to purchase the special unless they want to. The 6 ladies takes turns being the Hostess of the Month.

Its super easy and fun! My club has perks to it and yours can too!
I do fun giveaways and prizes...they know the upcoming special before anyone else. They are the 1st ones to get the NEW Catalog. They know any news before my Fan Group does.

I close the party out the 25th of the month.

You have all this month to invite 6 ladies! Make sure they know each month they HAVE to spend $35
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Directors Corner

Sales: $1,574.00

Recruited 1 new team member

Ladies please know I am here for you and I believe in YOU! You can contact me anytime. Email, Phone Call or Text

Lets have a TOTE-ally Awesome March!!