The Gator Gazette

September 2017

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Mrs. Stevenson's Message

Dear Parents,

I am so grateful to be serving 466 South Creek students this 17-18 school year as your principal. As we have completed our first quarter midterm we have accomplished so much already.

  • We welcomed families at our BTSN/ Ice Cream social.

  • We celebrated and reviewed our Gator GREATS during a convocation with Al Gator leading our South Creek Alligator Cheer.

  • We have been taught what a “bucket filler” is by Ms. Parks, our counselor.

  • Our 5th grade Gator Guild has started filming our morning announcements.

  • Our first publication of the Gator Gazette has been written by our 5th-grade students.

  • We viewed the solar eclipse.

  • SC has planned a Fundraiser for Texas supporting Bear Creek Elementary due to the flooding in Houston.

  • We have been earning Gator tickets by displaying GREAT behavior.

  • We completed our first DIBELS assessment and as a school we are 80% fluent readers and 81% accurate readers.

  • We have been preparing and we are ready to start South Creek’s math fluency system- CHOMPUTATION starting the week of September 4th.

  • Mrs. Price, cafe manager, and her staff serve ~270 lunches daily.

  • Mr. Waterford, head custodian, and his staff clean 92,000 square feet daily.

  • We got autographs and wished our FC High School football players “good luck.”

  • Our wonderful teachers plan and teach engaging lessons to our students.

Please consider volunteering and contributing to more accomplishments. Please consider attending our Tuesday, September 5th PTO meeting starting at 6:00 pm in the media center. Our guest will be Dr. Hibbard, Superintendent of our schools.

Proud to be a Gator! Toni Stevenson, Principal


September 1 - Gator Gear Day

September 4 - Labor Day, No School

September 5 - PTO Meeting, 6:00 p.m.

September 19 - Picture Day

September 21 - Bus Evacuation Drill

September 27 - Homecoming Parade in Wanamaker, 5:30 p.m.

September 29 - YMCA Hat Day

Gators of the Month

Congratulations to these Gators of the Month for September! Way to show your Gator G.R.E.A.T.S. Traits!

Mrs. Conner: Sophia Kurtz

Mrs. Monday: Aubrey Langston

Mrs. Tinsley: Shannon Yao

Mrs. Sweetman: Stella Franic

Mrs. Webb: Brady Stone

Mrs. Mitchell: Sydney Culross

Mrs. Burns: Daphne Kerr

Mrs. Bryant: Isaac Aud

Miss Moody: Jayden Slone

Mrs. Carder: Zac Isaacson

Mrs. Lundberg: Avery Markley

Miss Trieb: Graham Murphy

Mrs. Huber: Bruce Stone

Mrs. Sirilla: Lenaya Peterkin

Mrs. McIntire: Marin Steffan

Mrs. Hayes: Kyle Major

Mrs. Tinkle: Morgan Case

Mr. Roets: Anthony Santellana

Mr. Arnold: Harper Wolfe

Mrs. Mappes: Addison Harris

Mrs. Hancock: Lily Harbet

Mrs. Green/Mrs. Thurston: Trent Hall

Mrs. Cade: Isaac Lasley

Related Arts News

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School Bus Evacuations

Dear Parents/Guardians of Franklin Township,

To ensure the safety of all students, our school bus drivers will be discussing school bus safety and performing the Indiana DOE Required Evacuation Training with our students. Below you will find the schedule for these trainings separated by individual schools.

*High School: Monday, Sept. 11 @approx. 3:00 pm

*MSE: Tuesday, Sept. 12 @ approx. 2:15 pm

*MSW: Wednesday, Sept. 13 @ approx. 1:40 pm

*Acton: Thursday, Sept. 14 @ approx. 8:40 am

*Adams: Friday, Sept. 15 @ approx. 8:40 am

*Arlington: Monday, Sept. 18 @ approx. 8:40 am

*Bunker Hill: Tuesday, Sept. 19 @ approx. 8:40 am

*Kitley: Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ approx. 8:40 am

*South Creek: Thursday, Sept. 21 @ approx. 8:40 am

*Thompson Crossing: Friday, Sept. 22 @ approx. 8:40 am

It is our goal to prepare your student and our staff members for the unexpected need to safely evacuate a school bus in an emergency situation. The need for this action would only take place if the students were in immediate danger. Each year we practice different scenarios to help us be ready for the unexpected emergency. Please help our efforts by speaking with your child and preparing them for our drill. Students will be instructed to leave any carry-on items in their assigned seat. Please help us the day of the drill by having them wear sensible clothing as they may be instructed to slide down and slide out the rear door while being assisted. They will be required to stand outside for a short period of time. This practice exercise will be handled professionally with the same attention to safety as a school fire drill.

We appreciate your support in this training exercise. Thank you!

Also the following bus rules are posted on the bus. Please review them with your child. Thank you!

*No food or drink on the bus.

*Wear seatbelts, if equipped

*Electronic devices cannot interfere with the safety of the driver and students

*Keep all body parts inside the bus. Windows can be down ¼ of the total window

*Stay in your assigned seats at all times

*No weapons or inappropriate items

*Only Franklin Township staff and students on the bus

*No physical or verbal mistreatment

*Carry-on items must be kept away from emergency exits and out of the aisle

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Visitor Information

Please remember to sign in with Safe Visitor for field trips and class parties! Click on the link below to check in at South Creek to make your arrival process smoother on busy days.


Kindergarten Celebrations!

Kindergartners started Literacy Work Stations last week! This is a time when students work with a partner to practice, enrich, and reinforce important skills and standards daily. During work stations, teachers can work with a small group of students to meet their individual learning needs.

The second picture shows Mrs. Conner's class learning about magnets!

Also, all 3 kindergarten teachers had Donors Choose projects funded recently!

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First Grade Celebrations!

Mrs. Mitchell's class worked on their first interactive Hyperdoc lesson. They have also been using Chromebooks during literacy stations and during math explorations. First grader's have been working hard on learning their way around google classroom!

5th Grade Celebrations!

Mrs. Tinkle's class have been working on a fun WebQuest researching the history of Labor Day for U.S. History.
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Introducing our Gator Gazette Writers


Hi my name is Abby. I am in fifth grade; l am ten, and in the Gator Gazette. Part of the reason I am on the Gator Gazette because I would like to know how you like South Creek and help you know what is happening around the school to have fun! I like to do a lot of crafts and write. I like being involved in the school and a lot more. Make sure that you are having a lot of fun at South Creek!


Hi! I am Lily Harbert and I am a 4th grader in Mrs. Hubers class. Some things I want to do this year is add comics and an advice column to the Gator Gazette. One reason I am excited about Gator Gazette is interviewing! Some of my favorite things are ventriloquism,art,reading,helping,Minecraft,and playing with my buddy Jayshon. I am super excited about this year!! - Lily Harbert


Aloha Gators! My name is Addison and I am in the new Gator Gazette. I’m in fifth grade and my teacher is Mrs.Tinkle. I am looking forward to writing spectacular stories for the newspaper and learning more about South Creek. I hope you enjoyed reading my article.


Hi I am Kennedy I am 9 years old and I am in fourth grade in Ms Huber class. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. One thing I do is I play softball. Something I do with my family is help them cook and with unload the bags from the car.


Hola South Creek Elementary! My name is Ella Jacob. I am in 5th grade and in Mrs.Tinkle’s class. I am part of the Gator Gazette and I love it so far! I think that typing is so fun! I had an amazing summer! My family went to Idaho for a church camp. We stopped by Wyoming and we saw a lot of buffalo! We saw a buffalo right by our r.v and we almost got kicked! I also went swimming a lot. My family also went to Colorado. We went four wheeling all over our friend’s property with them. They have a lot of land! Well,I guess that’s it! Remember, use your gator G.R.E.A.T.S! Later Gator’s!


Hi I'm Erin and here are some things about me. Number 1, I love to dance! Number 2, I’m 9 years old (ten in 3 months). Number 3, I love South Creek. Number 4 I love friends. And number 5, I’m not telling you what I’m putting in the Gator Gazette, you will have to find out yourself. Bye!


HI, I am EZRA and I am 10 years old in 4th grade in MRS.HUBERS class. I am excited about field trips. One of the things I want to be is an archaeologist. My goal is to make people smile and South Creek is a great school. Why am I on the Gator Gazette? Because I want to know how people are doing in their life. My favorite activity is art because I can draw with my imagination.


Hello, all you South Creek Gators, my name is Kelsey and I am 10 years old. I have been at South Creek since Kindergarten and for this wonderful year of 5th grade, I am in Mrs. Tinkle’s class. I am so excited to be part of the Gator Gazette because I remember that I used to read the newspaper and I would love to continue to make that possible for all you Gators and parents.


Hola! I am a new student this year and my name is Morgan. I am ten years old and I am in fifth grade. I really love my new school. This summer I went to Washington D.C. I had so much fun and learned a lot. The reason I signed up for the Gator Gazette is that I love to take photos, interview people, and I love to write. One teacher I would like to interview is Mrs. Tinkle. I want to interview her because she is a new teacher and I would like to know more about her because she is my teacher.

It's not too late to join the South Creek PTO!

Have fun while helping our school!

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