Career Change

Reasons to Change Your Career

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Reason #1 Pushed into Career

A lot of people get pushed into a career path. They are convinced to do a career from a family member, to be like a parent, or to fall into a career to earn a living. Then the person realizes the career isn’t to fulfilling and it’s just not the career for them. It's time for them to do what they want and enjoy in life.

  • The solution is the person needs to think about what they like to do and what they want to do. Then research some more about that career and switch careers that they will enjoy.

Reason #2 Your Career Becomes Boring

Most people begin a career that they like a lot, but then it starts to get boring. Your turning into more of an adult and your wanting something different or more.

  • The solution is to try new things to figure out what else you want to do. There are plenty of careers out there that you haven’t heard of that would be interesting to you.

Reason #3 Career Burnout

This is an important reason for switching careers. A career burnout is when a person has to start dragging themselves to work. The overwork can become to much that its effects their mental and physical health.

  • The solution is to find a career that you like, but is also not that hard on yourself that it will effect your health. A career that you will not be overworking to cause these problems.

Reason #4 Change in Technology

Some people’s careers change with technology or advance. Which can sometimes force workers to want to change careers. Some people either move with new changes in the career with the technology or to change careers all together.

  • The solutions is to find a new career that will not change with technology. Research will help a lot.

Reason #5 Personal Life

Some people need to change careers, because something has changed in their personal life. A lot of people start their first career without any family, but once their married and have children it all changes. People change their careers to one that will pay more and to be able to provide for their family.

  • The solution is to find a career that will pay more, but will also have the advantages of not working overtime, having vacation days, and not affecting your home life.

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