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Greetings From Brett Jondle

"Things Kids Want!”

Throughout the years, for some reason, students, particularly middle level adolescents, have been labeled as “challenging, lazy, unmotivated, and loud” by much of society. What I have found is that working with middle school students involves the implementation of the simple “Golden Rule” of treating these youth how we, as adults, would want to be treated. For May’s newsletter, I wanted to share twelve simple ideas to live by when working with your child as well as share with all of you what we are doing this month at Indian Mound Middle School that connects with Angela Maiers, an Educational Consultant who has written two books, The Passion Driven Classroom and Classroom Habitudes. While I have sent these out in the past years, these continue to serve as valuable reminders to me about how important our job as parents and educators is!

1. Greet me each day: “Wish me good morning, and send me off with a “See ya tomorrow.” This month, as with every month at Indian Mound Middle School [IMMS], our staff will continue to be in the hallways, at lunch/recess, and in other locations to greet our students. Mr. Tarnutzer and I continue to remind staff the importance of making those priceless connections with students each and every day.

2. Smile: “When you look at me, let me see happiness in your eyes.” This month, we have a number of opportunities for staff to interact with students in and out of the classroom.

· This month, we will have a “Staff vs. Student” basketball game on May 15 starting at 2:30pm. In addition, we will also begin planning for the “End of the Year Trip”, planning will continue for Eighth Grade Recognition Night, and a number of concerts, performance assessment activities, and recognitions of positive interactions displayed by students will all be happening this lively month of May. Specific dates include:

· May 5: End of the Year Permission Slips are sent out.

· May 7: Seventh and Eighth Grade Band Concerts at 7:00pm at the McFarland High School [MHS] Auditorium.

· May 8: IMMS Student of the Month Assembly starting at 7:55am at IMMS.

· May 12: End of the Year Permission Slips are due.

· May 13: Sixth Grade Market Day at 2:15pm

· May 14: Eighth Grade-Twelfth Grade Orchestra Concert at 7:00pm at the MHS Auditorium.

· May 15: Students vs. IMMS Staff Basketball Game at 2:30pm.

· May 18: Sixth and Seventh Grade [as well as fifth grade] Orchestra Concert at 7:00pm at the MHS Auditorium.

· May 19: Sixth Grade Track Meet at IMMS.

· May 19: Choir Concert at 7:00pm at the MHS Auditorium.

· May 20: Seventh Grade Track Meet at IMMS.

· May 21: Eighth Grade Track Meet at IMMS.

· May 21: Sixth Grade Market Day at 2:15pm.

· May 25: Memorial Day Parade starting at 12:00pm.

· May 28: Sixth Grade Band Concert-7:00pm at the MHS Auditorium.

3. Give me your attention: “Sit and talk with me privately; even if only for a second.” As part of our continued “Positive Behavior Intervention and Support” implementation [starting back in 2011-2012], we have continued to implement and fine tune a second tier of interventions for students. We have implemented, tracked, and continue to assess the effectiveness of a “Check-In, Check-Out” system as well as our formal mentor program for students who may exhibit a need for extra support and care. Staff members have been trained on these interventions and we currently have thirteen staff members who “check in and check out” with specific students every morning and every day after school. This intervention will continue to grow in its effectiveness as we continue to work through this process and analyze the data associated with this intervention.

4. Imagine with me. “Help me dream of things I might be able to do; not just the things I need to do now.” Throughout the year, eighth grade students have met with Mr. Jim Kramer, the Eighth Grade Guidance Counselor, to complete a career plan as well as a four-year plan for high school. This continues to serve as a valuable avenue for students to begin to think about their future and the pathway to get to that point. In addition, as the Common Core State Standards [CCSS] continue to be implemented and embedded, ALL students will be asked to continue to grow with lifelong skills to prepare them for college and their career.

5. Give me challenging content and assignments. “Show me how to handle it. Teach me what to do.” We continue to strive towards creating learning environments that challenge students and provide relevant learning to occur. Specifically, the McFarland Learning Community, will continue our professional growth on May 1. During this day, all staff will be viewing a professional training video as well as engage in conversation and reflection about the final steps for this year’s inaugural teacher and administrator evaluation system entitled, “Educator Effectiveness’. Staff will learn the process for their “End of Year Reflection” as well as other steps for this evaluation process. Additionally, staff will work through a mini-workshop on using Google in the classroom as well as in other educational situations. That same day, staff members will meet with colleagues from all grade levels to discuss curriculum [assessments, standards, curriculum alignment, etc.] in the afternoon of May 1. Finally, not only do we teach content, we also teach behavior at IMMS. I have had the opportunity to work with students everyday helping them reflect on, and learn from, their decisions that may have been made. During these discussions, I work with students to understand how their choices affected others, and also how they can “make things right” with those who were affected. In addition, the PBIS [Positive Behavior Intervention and Support] Team has begun planning for next year’s school year about ways that we can continue to teach the IMMS expectations to our students as they return to school for the 2015-2016 school year!

6. Ask about me.Inquire about my weekend, the game I played, the places I go. It shows you care about my life.” I am pleased to say that, as mentioned earlier, we at IMMS, continue to engage in conversations with students in the hallway, checking in with students in the morning and afternoon, interact with them at lunch and recess, and are visible in the hallways before, during, and after school. This will continue as we move throughout May and June!

7. Let me have time.Time to let things sink in. Time to think. Time to reflect, process, and play.” As you know, this year, we are in our third year of using a modified block schedule in which students have had the opportunity to have extended time for math and language arts. During this month, we will continue to assess this third year of using this schedule with the longer math block, seeing what went well, assessing how this has increased student achievement [which it has!], and looking for ways to continue to improve. On another note, students will have time to “play” as we have the PE track meets occurring at the end of the month on the following days:

· May 19-Sixth Grade

· May 20-Seventh Grade

· May 21-Eighth Grade

8. Demand of me. “Hold me accountable to high standards. Don’t let me get away with what you know I am capable of doing better.” As mentioned earlier, on May 1, students do not have school, but teachers and administrators will be working on this day. Specifically, we will continue our work with the CCSS, reflect on the new educator evaluation system [Educator Effectiveness] which will begin during the 2014-15 school year, we will review our assessments being used, and have time to continue to hone the curriculum that is being used. In addition to building trainings in the morning focusing on Educator Effectiveness and Google, teachers and administrators will be meeting across the grade levels [K-12] to share progress that has occurred over the year and begin to look ahead to next year for ways to continue to improve curriculum, assessment, and instruction at the district level.

9. Notice Me.Leave special messages in my desk or locker. Just a quick note that says you notice something right.” This month’s challenge for each grade level is to see which grade consistently shows responsibility, respect, and empathy in the hallway by having their hallway pass, using their time wisely in between classes, and keeping hands, feet, and objects to themselves in the hallway [challenge started on April 13 and runs through May 8]. In addition, our Student of the Month [SOM] assembly will occur on Friday, May 8, starting at 7:55am to recognize students who consistently live out the “We ARRE Spartans” motto. As always, we continue to take pride in also recognizing students who exhibit positive behavior through our “scratch-offs” given out to students as well as “Positive Behavior Referrals” which are also sent out by IMMS Staff to students who have exhibited positive behavior through their achievement, respect, responsibility, or empathy. So far this year, IMMS Staff have written 726 Positive Behavior Referrals!

10. Let me ask the questions. “Even if they are off topic. It will show that I am thinking about new perspectives, curious, and willing to learn more. Let me have the chance to show what I am wondering about, not just what I know.” This month, there are a number of interesting projects and performance assessments occurring in your child’s classroom. In addition, we continue to work on curriculum that encourages student questioning [inquiry] as well as effective questioning provided by staff to engage students.

11. Engage me. “I came to you in love with learning, keep me excited, keep me wanting more.”

12. Trust me. “Believe that I can do it. Allow me the chance. I promise to show you I can.”

The last two statements I felt were ones that we have done all year long and will continue to do. I know that we remain committed to improving, but I am confident that at IMMS, we offer to our students [and your children] the support, opportunities, and reinforcement that they need and desire. The month of May will be an exciting month and a month that will be one to remember. I am confident that while we strive for continuous growth, our heart lies in the right spot and that we continue to succeed in offering to students “what they want”!

Thank you so much for sharing your child with us this year!


Brett Jondle

IMMS Assignment Task List

Please click here to view the Task List page

Badger 3–8 Testing News

Badger 3–8 testing begins on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 and ends on Friday, May 22, 2015. Students will be testing in their ELA classes as well as their math classes. We are asking all students to bring their headphones/ear buds to school for the 2 days they are testing in their ELA classes. Headphones/ear buds will be collected in ELA classes, labeled and kept in a secure location during testing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s ELA teacher or Jill Runde at or at 608-838-8980, ext. 4577.

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IMMS Track Meet Schedule

IMMS grade level Track Meets

6th Grade - Tuesday, May 19th

7th Grade - Wednesday, May 20th

8th Grade - Thursday, May 21st

All track meets will run from 8:30am - 12:30pm. Please make sure your child comes to school with a water bottle, sunscreen, and proper attire.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Track Meet, please contact Becky Stokes at 838-4500 ext. 4851 or


Two teams each consisting of four Indian Mound Middle School students and four Waubesa Intermediate School students competed in the 5/6th grade Regional Math Meet on April 14th. Math Meet is a challenging event! There are 5 events, including problem solving without a calculator, problem solving with a calculator, mathematical reasoning, mental math, and team problem solving. Both teams did an excellent job representing McFarland School District. They competed against five other districts/teams each bringing 8 students. Our two teams earned first and second place in the competition with Nick Molitor getting first place and Alex Daspit getting 5th place individually. Both teams move on to the Mega Math Meet on UW Madison campus on May 21st.


Two IMMS teams each with four 7th graders and four 8th graders competed in the Regional Math Meet on April 9th. Math Meet is a challenging event! There are 5 events, including problem solving without a calculator, problem solving with a calculator, mathematical reasoning, mental math, and team problem solving. Both IMMS teams did an excellent job representing the Indian Mound Middle School Spartan Code. They competed against five other districts/teams each bringing 8 students. One of our teams placed first in the competition, with Skyler Li taking 1st place overall and Henry Byers taking 5th place overall! The first place team moves on to the Mega Math Meet at Madison College on May 22nd.

Nutrislice: Online Menu

Welcome, Parents! Your child’s online menu has now gone digital!

Introducing Nutrislice, an online and convenient way to view your child’s school lunch menu that has intuitive features and engaging designs. With Nutrislice, you can:

· View nutrition information for each food

· Filter menus for specific allergens

· Have access to your child’s menu through the Nutrislice mobile app!

Visit our district’s new menus site at to view the menu and discover so much more! Download “School Lunch by Nutrislice” on Google Play and the App Store today!

Girl Up Club Pie Smash

Math 24 Competition

The 6th and 7th grade Math 24 teams competed in the regional competition on March 12, 2015. The tournament was held at Union South on UW Madison campus.

Math 24 is an exciting and challenging math strategy game which requires students to use mathematical operations with four numbers to get a result of “24”. At the 6th grade level, students must use positive and negative integers to solve “24” problems. At the 7th grade level, students use fractions and decimals to solve “24” problems.

These students did an excellent job representing IMMS. The team members took time during their lunch periods and at home to practice the skill. In 6th grade, Alyssa Davis earned a 3rd place trophy and Nina Crull earned a 6th place trophy! In 7th grade, Skyler Li placed first and Sara Yavas placed 3rd!

Before competing in the afternoon, the students participated in a UW- Madison science experience. One group of students had the opportunity to visit the Space Science and Engineering Center and the other group learned about “social robotics” at the Computer Sciences Building.

McFarland Thistle Ad Design Contest

Congratulations to Over 30 IMMS students who had ad designs published in the McFarland Thistle in May.

First Place winner: Sadie McCaulley - ad for Spartan Bowl

Second Place: Liliana Gabrielse and Marissa Gast - ad for Little Gym

Third Place: Olivia Pili - ad for The Dog Hut

Other participants whose designs were selected:

6th Grade: Judy Goecks, TJ Hare, Liam Morrison, Natalie Curtis, Emma Hall, Christy Zheng, Ryan Olsen

7th Grade: Alyssa Phillips (3 designs selected!), Zosia Martinka, Maycie Luebke and Paige Sommers

8th Grade: Alexis Meicher, Trinity Ellestad, Josie Zeier

IMMS Art on Tour

IMMS art students in 3rd and 4th quarter were fortunate to experience "Art on Tour", a program from the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. For one month, 5 original works of art from the museum were installed in the art classroom for students to enjoy and study. The theme of the traveling exhibit was "Can You Imagine This? Fantasy in Art". Students engaged in discussion and responsive work around the theme of fantasy.


An Experience for Girls Grades K–12. Find out what it’s like to be a firefighter, police officer or EMT at CampHERO!

WASC Leadership Camp

WASC Leadership camp

Wisconsin Association of School Councils (WASC) Leadership Camps

All students are invited to participate in the Wisconsin Association of School Councils (WASC) leadership camp at Ripon College!

Leadership Camp - Whether you’re involved in student council, the national honor society, the drama club, a sports team, the school musical, cheerleading, or you’re local FFA — the WASC camp program is for you! In fact, the camp programs are for anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills! While the WASC has three camps for Junior & Middle School (JAM) students, first timers will want to choose “Level 1 LEARN”.

JAM Camps: Levels 1, 2 & 3 — July 12 – 16, 2015

LEVEL 1: LEARN – July 12 – 16, 2015

During the Level 1 experience, students will participate in fun activities focused on skills essential for the middle level including: building self-esteem and self-advocacy skills, learning what it means to be a leader, and ways to create exciting and interesting student activities.


For five days, students will be led by education professionals in activities dedicated to understanding what it means to be a leader. With proven curriculum as the foundation, and unparalleled talent leading each camp, delegates agree that this program is “the most significant learning experience in my life to-date!”

Banquet: The delegates get dressed up for this special affair, where they dine in their finery while listening to inspiring speeches by their fellow delegates.

Speaking Opportunities: There are numerous opportunities for students to work on their presentation skills — and one evening where individuals from each group are asked to address the entire delegation.

Picnic: An outdoor event that includes games, food, and fun. It’s a great way to connect with new friends at the mid-point of the week.

Recreation: Recreation opportunities vary by camp, but include swimming, volleyball, tennis, running clubs, socializing and more!

Dance: A high-point of the week. Whether the delegates decide to dance with their new friends, or enjoy other activities, it’s a great time to celebrate.

Evening Closings: Each day ends with inspiring stories and songs — lead by adult and junior counselors. It’s the perfect way to end a day.

Learning will be enjoyable, creating fun and fellowship with students from all over the state of Wisconsin. Students need NOT have any connection or involvement in Student Council to take advantage of this unbelievably GREAT camp opportunity! This is a super camp…please call Mr. Kramer for specific information, as he has been a counselor for five years.

FEE: $386, but all IMMS camp participants will receive financial assistance toward their fee. Visit for more information, registration forms, and more!

Health Service Summer Safety Tips

How to keep prescription drugs away from your kids.

Prescription drugs such as sedatives, pain relievers, stimulants, cough/cold medicine and allergy medications taken by anyone other than for whom the drugs were prescribed, can be addictive and even deadly. Here are some tips for keeping your children safe:

Properly dispose of all prescription drugs if they are no longer in use. Also dispose of non-prescription medication containing the following ingredients: dextromethorphan, dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Lock up all prescription and non-prescription medications. Don’t leave them unlocked or out in the open. Remove them from kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bedrooms, linen closets, pantries etc. Explain the dangers of prescription drugs, or using non-prescription drugs incorrectly? Talk to your child care provider about keeping their medications locked.

Poison Control- Poison Help for accidental ingestions: 1-800-222-1222.

Sun Safety

1. Limit outdoor activities between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2. Apply sunscreen properly- apply a generous amount 30 minutes before going outside. Use an SPF of 15 or higher. Reapply every 2-3 hours, or after sweating or swimming. Apply to nose, ears, hands, feet, neck and lips.

3. Some medications increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, ask doctor about medications with these effects.

Bike Safety

1. Wear a helmet at all times. It should cover your forehead, and all straps fit firmly around your chin and neck.

2. Wear bright or light colored clothing. Wear sneakers, with laces tied tightly. Make sure all loose items are secured: pant legs, shoe laces, backpack straps.

3. Ride along the side of the road, in the same direction as traffic.

Lawn Mower Safety

● Children under age 6 should be kept inside during mowing

●Children should be at least 12 years old to operate a walking mower, and 16 years to operate a riding mower.

● Eye protection, gloves, and sturdy shoes should be worn while mowing

●Check lawn for debris, and other objects that may hit person when mowing.

●Never fill the tank with gasoline when the lawn mower is hot, or engine is running.


Badger Care-Children under age 19 with no health insurance may be eligible under this program for services. Application can be completed at

Pediatric Orthopedic Care-Children under the age of 18 regardless of income or insurance coverage may receive specialist care at Shriners Hospital: 1-612-596-6105.

Spartan Trophy

Summer Art Camp

Families who are interested in summer art camps or workshops can contact Mrs. Kohl-Re at 838-4500 ext. 4815. A new studio in Madison will be offering workshops for middle school students as well as family workshops. A few state universities offer week-long visual art camps for students entering high school.

IMMS Messenger

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