How much I spend each month

My Monthly Budget

As a Computer Hardware Engineer I make about $4709.18 monthly. Which I use to buy my House and car and to pay bills and buy groceries with so it doesn't leave to much left.
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My Family That I spend all the money on

House and Cars

I spend about $338.31 monthly on my car, it's a Silver Chevrolet Camaro LT made in 2015 and on my apartment that includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for the price of $815 monthly.
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my Car


Monthly we pay $2047.49 in taxes and $220 in Insurances like Health and Dental and then Social Security and Medicare take $606.66 from my paycheck.


Monthly on groceries I try not to go over my budget of $150 like this month I spent $149.83 on groceries like I spent $17.98 on 2 cans of Baby Formula and $7.99 on Pain Reliever Medicine and $350 on renting and my car.
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Other Expenses

I spend about $215.46 on gas to fill my car up 3 times a month for a 18-gallon tank. And I also put money into savings for any mishaps and on that I spend about $470.91, I also spend $350 on food, on our cell phone plan we get the select plan which charges $59,99 a month, lastly I spend $50 on entertainment like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu. And in total I spend $3528.67 with all these expenses leaving me with $4045,66 at the end of the month.