Watters' News

Math and Science


Students have been working on multiplication and estimating products for the past week and a half. There are practice sites and a video showing the traditional multiplication strategy on Google Classroom, for extra practice before their upcoming test.

Thursday we began division and will be finish our division lessons on Wednesday this upcoming week. Students will be using the partial quotient strategy and area models for division. There will also be videos posted on Google Classroom regarding these strategies that students can use at home for additional guidance.

This Friday, October 21st will be the cumulative math test. (Cumulative math tests are given during even units and go over the previous units, in this case only unit 1.) To prepare for this test students can look over the math boxes they have completed in unit 1 and 2 along with unit 1 lessons and homework. I will be sending home a self-assessment for this test on Monday helping guide their studying.

On Monday, October 24th students will take their unit 2 math test, which will be the first grade on the second quarter for math. Students should be using their math journal, home link, Study Island practice and Google Classroom to study. They will also be getting a self-assessment to guide their studying on this test later in the week.


Students should be finishing up their Ohio Endangered and Threatened Species home project this week. The project is due on October 24th.

In class we are continuing to explain how food chains and food webs show how organisms interact in an ecosystem. Students will be constructing multiple food chains and food webs this week making sure they are illustrating the arrow connecting the organisms in the correct direction. This will show their understanding of the energy transfer in an ecosystem.

On Thursday, October 20th (Watters' Class) and Friday, October 21st (Carlini's Class) there will be a food chain and food web quiz. Students should study their ecology notes in their binder, the food chain and food web handouts in their science folder, and the sites and videos on food chains and food webs on Google Classroom. If you are reading this write Go Tribe in your student's planner, and they will receive a treat.

School Events and Updates

  • Look for conference forms to be coming home stapled to your student's planner on Monday, October 17th.
  • Please help us STUFF THE BUS! Lee Eaton student council has partnered with the high school to collect non-perishables for the Emergency Assistance Center. Students can bring in items until October 19th. For every item they bring in they receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a fall prize displayed at the entrance of the school.
  • Student council will be holding their annual Pumpkin Patch Wednesday, October 19th from 4:30-7:00pm. They will have baked goods, apple cider, hot dogs, and pumpkins for sale.
  • Please continue to "clip and save" box tops for education, so PTA can sponsor events like assemblies, the squire store, and mini grants just to name a few.
  • Campbell's labels provide valuable learning tools and equipment for teachers every year. Please keep collecting Campbell's labels with the Labels for Education logo on the upc.

Important Dates

October 17th: Conference forms sent home

October 19th: Lee Eaton Pumpkin Patch (4:30-7pm), and last day of food drive

October 20th: Watters' class food chain and food web quiz

October 21st: Cumulative math assessment (unit 1), and Carlini's class food chain and food web quiz

October 24th: Ecology home project due

October 24th: Unit 2 math assessment

October 28th: End of first quarter

Miss Watters

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.