Bicycle Safety

Greens Prairie Elementary

Safety Concern

We want to ensure that all of our GP Mustang students are safe on the road when riding their bikes, especially when riding to and from school on a busy street. In an effort to make sure all are aware that we must share the road, please take the time to talk to your child about proper bike riding and safety techniques. Things such as wearing a helmet, riding on the right side of the road, stopping at stop signs, and watching for traffic are of greatest concern.

Share the Road Guidelines

Like any other vehicle on the road, a bicycle has rights and responsibilities. Please see the list below for guidelines on sharing the road.

1. Obey all traffic signs and signals.

2. Ride to the right and go in the same direction as other traffic.

3. Control your bicycle. Practice smooth starts and stops and riding in a straight line.

4. Be visible.

5. Stop and look before riding into a road.

6. Always wear a properly fitted helmet.

Let's all practice being safe and courteous Mustangs!