Marcus Matters

February 1, 2016

National Signing Day 2016

We are holding a joint National Signing Day in Sigler Auditorium this year. Looking forward to celebrating with all these athletes on February 3.


Competition this past Friday and Saturday resulted in many of our students shining.
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Counselors win CREST Award!

What is CREST?
Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas (CREST) is sponsored by the Texas School Counselor Association (TSCA) and awarded to school counseling programs that meet CREST requirements. CREST is a continuous improvement document that school counseling programs can use to demonstrate effective communication and a commitment to obtaining results. In its final form, CREST is a brochure that highlights the accomplishments of your counseling program. Your CREST document will include information in seven (7) areas:

  • Principal’s Comments
  • School Counseling Advisory Council
  • School Climate and Safety
  • Student Results
  • Major Achievements
  • Community Partnerships/Resources
  • Parent Collaboration