Me myself and I

Im a person

Science history

I have never been huge into science accept for taking the required classes in school. I want to be a mechanical engineer when i get older or be involved in the building of something mechanical. I was the kid who spent countless days downstairs building crazy contraptions out of legos that barely ever worked but when they did it was epic. I love seeing all the gears and mechanical parts that make things work.


I like outdoor sports and enjoy being outside in general. I am an avid mountain biker and have been on the race team for Appalachian ski mountain in the past few years. whenever i can get time away from school. I was mountain biking at least 30 miles a week at one point over the summer but had my first crash and fractured a vertebrae in my back and havent been able to ride long distances since.

something that you might not know.

Im a choir boy, I've been in the Lenoir Rhyne Youth choir for the past 7 years and have been on tour with them around the US.


Ive been through a lot of phases with music in my life, I was brought up around older rock like the Greatful Dead, and then about a year ago i went through an electronic phase, now its more alternative.. So yea its weird there arent many things i dont like but the things i dont like are rap and country.