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Green DeWitt was born Februay 12,1787 in the U.S.A.He died May 18,1835,Monclova,mexico

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Green DeWitt

Contributions to texas

Green DeWitt did many good things for Texas a long time ago. Green DeWitt brought over 400 hundred families. He also signed a peace treaty with Stephen F Austin and Martin DeLeon.

early life

DeWitt was born in Lincoln County, Kentucky, moving with his family while still an infant to Missouri.[citation needed] At the time, Missouri was a part of Spanish-held Louisiana.[1] At 18, he returned to Kentucky, and studied for two years at the college level, then returned to Missouri once again. In 1808 he married Sarah Seely of St. Louis, Missouri, and enlisted in the Missouri militia. He fought in the War of 1812, rising to the rank of Captain by the wars end, then was elected Sheriff of Ralls County, Missouri.

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By October 1826 40 people lived in Old Station, including Dewitt and his family.[4] His family included his wife, two sons, and three of his four daughters in Gonzales, the fourth daughter having already married in Missouri.