Return-to-Learn Plan

West Des Moines Community Schools | July 24, 2020

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Please Note: Even though the WDMCS Board of Education approved Hybrid Option 2, we will continue to be flexible and responsive based on the most current guidance from local, state, and/or national health experts. If WDMCS needs to begin the school year with all students learning online, we will communicate this change to staff, students, families, and our broader community.

CDC Guidance On Re-Opening Schools

Read most recent guidance (as of July 23, 2020).

Under the Board-approved Hybrid Option 2 plan, families will CHOOSE between online or on-site learning.

What does Hybrid Option 2 entail?

  • Families must choose for their student between on-site or online learning through Friday, Jan. 15 (first semester).
  • Families were sent a survey to complete for EACH student. We ask each family to make a decision by July 31. (See below for more details.)
  • Both plans have students attending class Monday through Friday, either on-site or at home.
  • Families CAN choose to switch to online if they start at on-site and change their mind until Friday, Sept. 4. Changes due to extenuating circumstances after Sept. 4 must be approved by the school, knowing changes may impact staffing and scheduling.

  • Families CANNOT switch from online to on-site during the semester because of our need to appropriately plan for staff and facilities.

Return-to-Learn Percentages To Date

As of Friday, July 24, we've received 3,804 responses from families. This means 3,804 students are categorized as returning this fall as on-site or online students.

Overall, 75.72% of our students will learn on-site and 24.28% of our students will learn online.

With approximately 9,000 students in WDMCS, we still need to collect data for over 5,000 students by July 31.

Data chart on students returning online or on-site

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