Outsiders Soundtrack

Connor Lowell

She Knows - J Cole

This song fits the personal connection between Ponyboy and Cherry because they both know the real difference between Socs and Greasers. Ponyboy and Cherry also don't judge each other by where they live or how well they're families are doing with money, but how you treat each other and others, and your personality.

Some lyrics that can connect with the story are, " And she knows, she knows, and I know she knows, and i know she knows." this relates to the text because Ponyboy knew Cherry was different, and basically, Cherry knew not to judge by a name you're given.

J. Cole - She Knows (Clean, HD)

Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake

This song fits the scene where Ponyboy is being driven home from the hospital by Darry, and is with Soda. While driving home, there is a warm feeling throughout the car because Soda and Darry are extremely happy that they've been reunited with Pony. Also, Pony and Darry have opened there true feelings towards each other and now are showing there love through there actions. Basically, the name of the song, can relate to how Pony was eager to go home because he missed his brothers and the rest of the gang
Hold On We're Going Home by Drake (Clean)

We Will Rock You - Queen

This song fits the rumble between the Socs and Greasers because there was a lot of tension in the air from Bob's death to Johnny's being in the hospital. Also, the Greasers were very determined to beat the Socs and wanted to give it to them for all they've done to the Greasers. This song also goes with fights, as it gets you pumped up and gets your feet hypnotized as your legs repeatedly stomp but to end with a clap. The constant chant of, "We will, we will rock you!" can relate to how pumped up and determined to beat on the Socs and win the rumble.
Queen - We Will Rock You

When I'm Gone - Eminem

This song goes with the scene of Johnny's death. This song explains how you can go crazy when people are gone. As in the story, Dally went ballistic when Johnny died. Pony was also in shock of Johnny dying, as he tried convincing himself that he killed Bob, and that Johnny wasn't really dead. Basically, it describes that when people are gone, you change. It also explains how Johnny didn't want people to be very upset when he died. Some lyrics to furthermore explain this are, "And when I'm gone just carry on. Don't mourn, rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice. Just know that, I'm looking down on you smiling and I didn't feel a thing, so baby don't feel my pain, just smile back."
When I'm Gone (Clean Lyrics) - Eminem

Changes - 2pac

This song fits the ending, when Pony starts changing. His grades drop, acts tough, and just doesn't feel anything anymore. The song explains how negative things can change your feelings and the way you act. Some lyrics that help explain my reasoning are, "Come on come on, that's just the way it is, things'll never be the same, that's just the way it is, aww yeah."
2Pac - Changes - Clean

Boyz-In-The Hood - N.W.A.

This song fits the whole story because the Greasers were basically hoodlums and were considered poor and lived in the hood. It also goes along with the book because the whole group, Soda, Two-Bit, Darry, etc., were a gang, just not as viscous as the infamous gangs like the Bloods and Crypts. The song name can give you an idea on how this relates to the book.
Eazy-E - Boys In The Hood Radio Edition

Trophies (feat. Drake) - Young Money

This song goes along with Darry's life. He dropped out of school to take care of this brothers when their parents died. He ruined his chance to play college sports and maybe even going pro in that sport. Darry was also very smart and could have taken the educational path in college and maybe getting a degree in a certain subject. He also took on a boat load of stress, had to get a job, and has to pay the bills at just age 21. Basically, the song describes how people do noble things for the best of people, but get nothing in return. Lyrics that explain how this describes Darry's noble act are, "I'm just tryna stay alive and take care of my people, and they don't have no award for that."
Trophies- Drake (Full) CLEAN HQ Lyrics (No Sound Distortion)