By: Gary Paulsen

After the plane crash.

After surviving the plane crash, he was swarmed by a bunch of mosqitos and they attached to every part of his body. He was screaming in rage from all of the pain, and then the sun came up. All of a sudden every single mosqito was gone, none in sight. His face was so swollen it was like he was squinnting to see and all over his body had itchy bite marks.

Whole book

Brian takes a trip to see his dad on a plane but the pilot has a heart attak and dies on the fly there. Brian crashes into water and actually survives the crash. He gets settled and then a whole bunch of mosqitos swarm him and start attacking. They all leave when the sun comes up. He keeps searching for things all around, the only thying that he has is a hatchet. He eventually finds a survival pack. and uses it very wisely. After a few days he finnaly finds rescue.