By: Savannah, Hannah, Daniel, Isaac

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First you need to pick a player piece. After you pick the player piece you will roll the dice to see what order the people will go in.

Game Board

The first person will roll the die and move however many spaces the die says. When you land on a space and it is the baseball space you will pick up a baseball card and if you are correct you will move forward one space and if you are incorrect stay on the space your on.

Wild Cards

If you land on a wild card space, pick up one of the wild cards. Once you have the card follow the instructions on the card.

Jail Break

when you get a jail card sadly your game piece will go to the jail sell and the next person will do there turn. When it comes back to you you have have three tries on that turn to roll doubles. If you do not roll doubles you will have to stay in the jail until your next turn and then you would try to roll doubles again.

Winning the Game

It's simple. The first person to get around the entire board will be the winner of the game! So have fun!!