F&B Upselling

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‘Upselling on the Rocks’ Recipe.


The What: Upselling F&B Products

The Why: Enhance the guest experience and positively influence the bottom line .

The How: Know your Product, Spot the Opportunity, Upsell the Product

1. Take a shaker. Fill halfway F&B Product cubes.

2. Pour 50cl of mindset shift, 50cl of understanding your role in upselling, 25cl of building self-confidence.

3. Muddle Product Knowledge, Spotting the Opportunity and Upselling techniques until you get a uniform consistency. Add to the shaker.

4. Blend in a dash of activities. Shake well. Garnish with smile.

Enjoy your Upselling cocktail and sell it to others!


2:00-2:30: F&B Product knowledge

2:30-3:00: Know your Customer

3:00-4:00- Put it into practice

Contact your property L&D Manager for registration