By:Taylor Johnson

What were the years of his life?

The years that he was born and died was from 551 B.C - 479 B.C

Where was he from? and What was his philosophies?

He was from Lu state of China.

His main job was to teach people how to live with being honest

What are his “six arts”? and He is considered the founder of the “Golden Rule,” What is the golden rule?

ritual, music, archery, chariot-riding, writing and mathematics was his six arts.

“Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself”

What dynasty did he live through? and We know Confucius’s philosophy, how does he try to apply that to the political figures (emperor)?

He live through the Zhou dynasty.

Confucius thought that if you use self discipline, you would remain humble and treat the followers with respect.

Not everyone liked Confucius’s philosophy, who and what group was against Confucius?

The person that was against him was mozi

What is your favorite quote of his and why?

My favorite quote is “Life is really simple,but we insist to make it complicated.”This is my favorite quote because if life was simple then you would get everything you would want without putting any effort into it.Complicated is when you need to use your brain and figure out how you are going to get the item that you want.That is why we drop out of school and turn to drugs because we give up on things. It takes time and effort to get an education. It takes time to raise a family. You either choose or don't choose at all, whether you give up or continue.

My grade and why