Code 4-5

Extra Credit

Click Here: Programming: You Can Do it!

Watch the Video Above to Get Inspired!

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5 Extra Credit Points Each

Part 1: Complete Tynker lessons 1-11

  • Tynker is a visual programming language that uses drag-n-drop logic blocks to teach you programming concepts and provides step-by-step instructions.
  • The sequencing skills will help you think like a programmer.
  • Learning these skills visually will make it easier for you to transition to Scratch (a similar block coding program) and eventually "write" in coding languages such as Javascript and Python.
  • Each lesson completed in Tynker is work 5 extra credit points.
  • You must complete the entire lesson.
  • Moodle message me once you complete a lesson to receive points or if you're having any problems.
  • If you have already completed one or more of these lessons, you do not need to re-do it. You already have credit for that lesson and will not receive additional credit for re-doing it.

Getting started with Tynker

  • Click on the link below to get your username and password for Tynker!
  • Write your username and password in your Computer Programming Notebook!
  • Click on the link below to access the Tynker Website (I would bookmark this site!)
  • Login in using your username and password!
  • You'll be taken to a dashboard that includes our class, Coding 4-5, (look for my picture)
  • Click on it and follow Codey's directions!
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Remember: Program or Be Programmed!

Part 2: Scratch: Sign up

1 Extra Credit Point:
  • Click the video link below to learn about Scratch!
  • Click the link below to go to Scratch and sign up!
  • Follow the steps to create an account (you can use your palcsmail account, your Home facilitators palcsmail account, or other email account of your Home facilitators choosing. If you already have an account, you can use that!)
  • Write down your username (don't use your real name) and password in your computer programming notebook. Don't lose it! I will not be able to help you with it!
  • Moodle message me your Scratch username for credit!
Students Click Here to Join Scratch

Click "Join Scratch" & follow the steps! Remember your username & password! Explore!

Parents/Home facilitators Click Here: All About Scratch

Click the button above to learn about Scratch and it's safe online learning environment!

Part 3: Scratch: Follow me and Remix Space Odyssey #1

0 Extra Credit Points, but it has to be done to complete the next step!
  • To follow me in Scratch click this link: and the click "Follow."
  • Remix Space Odyssey #1 to your stuff by clicking on the program under my "shared projects" and then clicking "see inside" and the clicking "remix" in the upper right hand side. This is the program we've been building and now it will be saved to your stuff.

Part 4: Scratch: Read, Watch, Create

Total possible points extra credit points: 20
  • Read what's happening to Mitch and Scratchy below
  • Watch the 2 videos
  • Follow the steps in the video to create a program to get Scratchy moving (5 points)
  • Using the paint editor tool, draw Scratchy a new space suit (5 points)
  • Using the paint editor tool or choosing from the sprites list, change the lightning sprite or the string sprite (5 points)
  • Using the paint editor tool or choosing from the backgrounds library, change the background (5 points)
  • Moodle message me to check out your changes and your program to receive credit
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We need to get Scratchy moving again!

We'll learn about sprites & coordinates!

Click on the video link below!

Click here to get Scratchy Moving!

Explore Scratch with me as we save Scratchy by unfreezing him!

Space Odyssey #1

Read what's happening to scratchy now!

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Using the paint editor tool

Click here to help Scratchy get his space suit on!

Watch the short video to customize the program by drawing Scratchy a new space suit and changing up the sprites and background!

Part 5: Boolean Logic

Total Possible Extra Credit Points: 20 points

  • Read through the logic gate examples below
  • Watch the BrainPOP video on logic gates (see login info below)
  • Click on "Activities" below the video and complete the Vocabulary page (10 points)
  • Click on the "Graphic Organizer" and describe either an "AND" gate, "OR" gate, or a "NOT" Gate. You only have to choose 1! Use the truth tables to help you and check out the examples below (10 points).
  • Print out and message me the completed activities for credit.

BrainPOP Login Info

Username: leadership

Password: virtual09

Click Here: BrainPOP video & Activities!

Watch the video and then complete the Vocabulary Activity & the Graphic Organizer Activity

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Logic Gate Examples

AND: If both A & B are true, the output (C) is true!

  • I like pizza (true) AND ice cream (true) = output is true
  • I like liver (not true) and pizza (true) = output is not true
OR Gate: If A OR B are true OR if both A AND B are true, the output (C) is true!

  • I like pizza (true) AND ice cream (true) = output is true
  • I like liver (not true) and pizza (true) = output is true (only 1 needs to be true)
NOT Gate: If A is NOT True, B is True!

  • I like liver (not true). I like pizza (true because liking liver (input A) is not true)

Need More Help?

Check out this Example of logic gates!

Logic Gates Explained Using Minecraft Redstones

In minecraft you can use red stones as a power source and guess what? They run on logic gates! So, even if you don't play minecraft, this is a good explanation of those logic gates we've been talking about. Check it out!

Boolean Logic Project

Now you should be ready to keep up with the class during marking period 4!

Right now, we are posting Boolean Logic Projects in a forum and commenting on each other's projects! Click on the link below to read the Boolean Project Requirements and then create your project! Post it in the forum and comment on at least 2 of your fellow coders programs! Make sure your comments are meaningful! You will not receive any points for just saying "I like your project."

Click Here: Boolean Logic Project Details!

Check out the examples to get inspired! Also, check out the examples in the forum!

Questions, Problems?

Lesson Help Monday -Friday 1:30-2:30

Good Luck!

See you in cyberspace!