Andrew Jackson`s life as President

By: Grace Geyer

Trail of Tears

The rich white men kicked the natives out of Oklahoma,were they live. The natives don't want to fight because it will just start something, they are not prepared for,and they know they will loose. The reason the rich white men kicked out the natives is because,there land is desirable,because the cotton and gold.

Killing the national Bank

Jackson felt that the national bank,was unconstitutional despite the supreme court. Jackson Jackson gets elected for the second term. Now he has the power to veto the national bank.There is no more national bank.
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Indian removal Act

The indian removal act is exactly what it looks like .The indians were being removed from Georgia. After they rounded up the native americans,they put them in camps till they gathered .This is also known as the trail of tears.
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Cherokee-negative-This is bad because the trail of tears.The Cherokee was forced to give up there land.People would suffer disease,starvation,ETC.This is also known as the Indian removal act.

Factory-positive-This is good because tariffs.There was more expansion and growth. Factory's would aid American economy.

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This picture is showing how harsh Andrew Jackson was. He does not like anyone going against him and how he was leading.He was so harsh people wound have nightmares.This is showing how you should not mess with Andrew Jackson.