Mrs.Sims Weekly Newletter

Week of April 27th

What we will be doing this week...

Reading: We will be beginning a DBQ on Santa Anna as we discuss the Alamo, battle of Goliad and the final battle of San Jacinto to wrap up our Texas Revolution. We are also diving into our novels with comprehension questions and activities during guided reading. At the end of this novel, your student will chose a project to complete. We will work on this all in class however, some reading may need to be completed at home.

Math: We will be starting a new system of math and will start by reviewing concepts we have touched on in the past and will then move forward and review key concepts in preparation for 5th grade. See below for more details. Weekly homework will go back to the regular routine.

Social Studies: We will be finishing the Texas revolution. We will be focusing on the DBQ and working through various documents in the point of view of various leaders in the Texas Revolution

A note about reading groups...

Reading groups have taken a pause due to the STAAR testing however, we are starting back up with them next week in full force! Your child may have a new book or a chapter book that they started two weeks ago. Since we are going to be holding reading groups regularly and a teacher will be visiting with each group almost every day, there will be consistent reading assignments assigned. Each child will be given time during the day (reading stations or flex time) to do their reading however, if they are not complete, they will be asked to complete the reading or assignment for homework. Please feel to ask your child about their book and assignment. It may not be written in their planner since the reading is going to be different for each child.

Missing books...

Our class is missing the following books...

  • ​The American Fur Trade
  • Fun in Colonial Times
  • Sing Down the Moon
  • From the Mixed Up Files of MRs. Basil Frankweiler

Please check at home to see if any of these books have not been returned!

New math routine...

Starting next week, the students are going to be introduced to a new way of doing math in our room. The system we are going to use is intended to review major concepts from this year as well foster independence for all students. As co-teachers, we have looked over all the math concepts and have targeted the first seven concepts we feel most students are still struggling with as well as which concepts are going to be most used next year. The students will moved through a self paced curriculum that includes mini lessons from both teachers, partner work as well as independent work. The goal of the system is for each student to reach a level of independent mastery on all concepts while working on their own personal pace. Miss Ivins has been using this system since January in a 5th grade classroom and has seen major growth in all students within that classroom. We thought this would be a great way to get them ready for 5th grade as well as reinforce concepts already learned.

Grades will look a little different because students will have either mastered the content or they will be working towards mastery. I have attached the worksheet that will guide our learning. This worksheet for your student will stay in school and they will work through each unit in class. I am attaching it so you all will know what we are working on as well as what you can work on at home if need be. We will continue with sending home math homework, however it may not be exactly what your child is working on at school at that particular time. I know this maybe frustrating but please just encourage your child to do their best! As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.