Monicageb MSDS

by: Monica Gebrehiwot

The Basics of this Rare Beautiful Element

Element Name: Monicageb

Atomic Mass: 61kg

Symbol: Mwg

Discoverer: Mr. and Mrs. Geb

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits located at Target and extremely low quantities in bed sleeping.

Physical Properties of Monicageb

Surface properties include On fleek eyebrows, decent sized ears, long eyelashes, zero acne, and a pretty large forehead.

Boils when in Texas during the summer

Melts at 38 degrees Celsius

Can cause deafness if too excited and squeals

Specimen can be found in various states...

a. Sad when she does not get enough attention.

b. Happy when people respect her and gives her attention.

c. Annoyed when people ask too many questions and complain too much.

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when people are denying something she believes in and says some bogus statement about anything in general.

Chemical Properties of Monicageb

Is repelled by cats, foods with pork, cow milk, traffic, all creepy crawlers except for spiders, annoying people, quiet people, slow people, people who curse a lot, people who chew with their mouths open, gum smackers, people who only talk about themselves, people who try too hard to be someone they're obviously not, and people who are rude to waiters and waitresses.

Is attracted to dogs.

May explode spontaneously when woken up before the sun rises.

Requires copious amounts of water, pizza, Oreos, traveling outside of the U.S. and Bob Marley songs.

Is inert if she does not get enough water, pizza, Oreos, traveling outside of the U.S. and Bob Marley songs.

Will repel sensitive and quiet people.

Is impervious to Mexican food.

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It is not guarenteed Monicageb will be stable around people or cats.

Some of the Things Monicageb needs to function properly

Where to obtain Monicageb

Monicageb is priceless and you will never be able to even touch her. You would be lucky to even see her in person.