Gas Chambers

By Shay Evans


Gas Chambers were implemented by the S.S to kill Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and prisoners of war as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Gas Chambers weren't widely used until 1941 to be used to kill mentally ill people and Jews because they were seen as the most efficient way of "deposing" of these people.

These were also seen as better because they caused less mental anguish to the killers.

The main supporter of Gas Chamber implementation was Captain Christian Wirth, a veteran of the first Euthanasia program directed at killing off mentally and physically disabled people.

They Originally used carbon dioxide to gas those in the chambers but changed to Zyklon B tablets because they were a more efficient poison

The most notorious death camp was Auschwitz, over 1.6 million Jews were gassed there

almost 6 thousand daily when working at peak performance.

By the end of the war two thirds of the european Jewish population was killed mostly by gassing.



Clip from the boy in the striped pajamas

This portrays the gassing process very well