Mt. Rainier National Park

A Sleeping Volcano


The Mt. Ranier National Park has many features. There are many animals, many plants, and many activities. Its a fantastic and beautiful park. It takes over 235,612 acres of land that is also 95,389 hectares.


The park is located in Washington, but it is not the only national park. In this wonderful state there is The St. Helens Volcano, and The Olympic National Park.


The Park is filled with all sorts of wildlife. My favorite wildlife feature is Animals. Mt. Ranier has all kinds of animals. They have The famous Black Bear, The Black Tailed deer, The little rodents called Pikas, The Tree Climbing Pine Marten, The Food Steeling Bird called The Gray Jay, Squirrels, Elk, Owls, Red Foxes and the vicious Mountain Lion.

Impotant Safety Information

The Park is home of some dangerous animals, like the black bear and the Mountain Lion. I just wanted to inform you to stay a far distance away from them.

Information Before You Come

Remember to have fun but also follow these rules: you must certainly should not harm our animals or ruin their habitats. Don't cut down our trees and don't do anything to harm animals and/or their habitats. If the park rangers catch you doing anything like this you will be kicked out of the park.

Things To Do

The Park is full of activities to do. You can hike up and down trails. You can climb up Mt. Rainier (the Mountain). Picnics are allowed so you can bring food to eat. Kids can learn how to become a Junior Ranger and you can enjoy the winter by snowshoeing, sledding or even just playing in the snow!

What's There

There are a couple Waterfalls that flow over volcanic rocks formed from long ago eruptions. There are 25 glaciers on mount Rainier's highest slopes. The park is surronded by many lakes. It has the Ohhanapecosh River also surrounding the Park. There are Meadows with all sorts of beautiful wildflowers. The sleeping Volcano also known as Mt. Rainier and The Wonderful Forest are splendid sights!


Your pets are welcome to Mt. Rainier but, must stay on a leash; 6 feet in length or in a cage. All pets are welcome but must stay under owners control and stay on trails! Please keep pets away from the park's animals.


Our park is the home of wildlife including the park's plants. I would like to remind you not to pick our flowers our harm any plants. Also, please remember the park is a home to animals, so please don't harm them or their animals too.

Costs only.....

$15 for a private, noncommercial vehicle with a seating capacity of 15 or less; or $5 each visitor. These fees provide the visitor(s) with a 7day entrance permit for Mt. Ranier National Park.


The climate is generally cool and rainy. But, in Summer it is in the 60s - 70s. July and August are the sunniest months of the year, rain is possible any day but most likely in Spring, Fall and Winter. Visitors should be aware that Mountain Weather is very changeable. Wet, cold weather can occur anytime of the year.

Jr. Rangers

Kids, have you ever wanted to be a Park Ranger like Ranger Smith from Yogi Bear? Well, now you can! Mt. Rainier teaches Kids everything you need to know to become a Park Ranger. If you learn a lot, maybe one day you can become one just like the Park Rangers at Mt. Rainier!
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