Mrs. Tomberlin's Class Information


Our classroom is a diverse community of learners. In order to do well, we must work together, help each other, and respect one another. My objectives are that every student is thoroughly prepared for middle school and beyond, every student sets personal goals and works towards achieving those goals regularly, every student works collaboratively with his and her peers, every student is responsible and approaches challenges with a positive and persistent attitude, and every student strives to do their personal best. My personal expectations are to understand your child’s individual needs, to inspire your child to set high goals and believe in their capabilities, to instill within your child essential knowledge and skills, and to support as well as challenge your child daily.


Please report ALL absent/tardy students to: (949) 936-5401

If your child is out ill for two days or less, classwork and homework will be saved until his or her return. If your child is sick for more than two days, work may be picked up from me at school (please contact me to arrange this). In the case of an illness absence, late classwork and homework will have the opportunity to earn full credit.


Homework is sometimes started school, and at most should take your child approximately 60 minutes to complete, each night, Monday through Thursday. If your child is working longer than this, a change in study skills or organization may be appropriate. Students are asked to know the following things before they leave school each day:

1. What is my homework? (Written in planner)

2. How do I do my homework (Ask questions before you leave)

3. Do I have all my materials? (Worksheets, papers, books)

Late Work:

While the goal is for all work to be completed and turned in on time- we understand that sometimes things happen “once in a blue moon.” To that end- all students will be issued a “Blue Moon late pass” once per month. To use the blue moon, students MUST complete the missing assignment that night and bring it to school the following school day for full credit. No late penalty is assessed for work with a Blue Moon stapled to the front.

No Blue Moon? Turning in missing work the next day is extremely important to help develop personal responsibility. Late work without a pass will be accepted the next day for a high score of 80%.

Water Bottles:

Students are encouraged to bring one large plastic or metal (no glass) container of water to school each day. Water only, please. Mark all water bottles with your child’s first name to ensure that it can be returned to your student if it is lost or misplaced. Students may refill water during recess and lunch breaks.

Bathroom Policy:

For continuity of instruction, students are asked to use the restroom before school, and at recess and lunch. Students will be issued bathroom passes to use at their discretion. Extra credit in the subject of their choice will be issued to students who turn in one or more bathroom passes at the end of the trimester.


We love birthdays! If you choose to send in treats for our class, we currently have 31 students. We would greatly appreciate items to be passed out that are in individual portions (no, cakes, please) that your child can easily pass out at recess, lunch, or after school. If you do not wish for your child to take a birthday treat or other foods at school- please let him or her know. Thank you!

6th Grade Outdoor Education Science School: May 30 - June 2

Sixth Graders have the amazing opportunity to spend a week at camp in our local mountains! More information will be coming home as the date approaches. The Sixth Grade team will be hosting a Parent Information Night- stay tuned for date/time to be announced.


If you’re interested in volunteering in the classroom or helping out with parties, send me an email and I’ll keep you posted on future opportunities. : )


Our classroom has a Canvas page where they not only take part in online assignments, but where they (and you!) can check their nightly homework, get access to online textbooks and resources, find links to the Alderwood website, Parent Portal, and much more!

Parent Conferences- Goal Setting: October 17-21, 2015

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week will be Minimum Days with a 1:40pm Dismissal. Tuesday, 10/18, is a full conference day, with no school for students. A digital conference sign-up form will be sent out through email. You can also access the sign up at this link:

I am looking forward to meeting with everyone next month!

Question, comment, concern?

Please let me know how I can help! The best way to reach me is via e-mail: Alternatively, if there is something that is urgent, please call the front office 949-936-5400 or our classroom 949-936-5440