This Week at SBHS

May 26-29, 2020

Final Grades Updates

Here are a few important dates for the end of the year:

  • June 4th - last instructional day for Seniors
  • June 7th - final grades based on Quarters 1-3 posted in ParentVue/StudentVue
  • June 10th - last instructional day for all students
  • June 12th - last day for grade adjustments based on Quarter 4 data
  • June 15th - Last day for families to request to change a final grade to "Pass"
  • June 20th - Final report cards posted

For the 2019-2020 school year, seniors and rising seniors (current juniors) who elect to convert a final grade to a P will be excluded from rank during their senior year. Families of students in grades 6-12 who are enrolled in a high school course should consider the option to convert a final grade from A+ through D- to P carefully as it impacts GPA, rank, NCAA eligibility, Thomas Jefferson High School admissions, Academies of Loudoun admissions, and college entrance evaluations. LCPS asks that families contact an admissions officer at their child’s respective post-high school institution for more information.

Please review the Grading, Credits, and GPA Page for more detail or contact your school counselor if you have questions.

Save the Date - June 8th and 9th End of Year Collection

On June 8th and 9th, families will be able to pick up and drop off items at Stone Bridge as we wrap up the year. Everyone will remain in their cars and move through a series of stations with proper social distancing practices in place. Please start collecting items now that you need to return, such as library books, textbooks, Chromebooks (seniors and those leaving LCPS only), team uniforms, instruments, concert attire, and music. We will also be distributing items left in the school building, including: contents from all school lockers, medications, summer reading books, honor cords, team pictures, art portfolios, and more.

Graduation attire and Driver's Ed cards have been mailed directly to families. Diplomas will be available at a later time after grades have been finalized.

Library Book Checkout Available for Summer Reading

Students: Have you run out of reading material at home? Were you in the middle of a series when we had to stay home? The library is here to help! Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors can request summer reading from your SBHS library, and we will get your request ready for the end-of-the-year pick-up and drop-off. Fill out this request form. Please note that some items may not be available because they are checked out or being cleaned. Here is the link to our catalog. The tentative due date will be September 30, 2020. Happy reading!

Yearbook Delivery

Due to factory closures from COVID-19, the yearbooks will not be available by the end of the school year. We expect delivery by mid-July and will get them out to families and students as soon as possible. We know a lot of hard work has gone into the creation of the highly anticipated and award-winning yearbooks at Stone Bridge. We are so sorry for the delay but look forward to celebrating with everyone when they are ready for distribution.

Class Schedule May 26-29

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, there will not be school on Monday, May 25th. The schedule will be adjusted as follows so that all 8 blocks have time to meet during the week. The full Synchronous Learning Schedule has more details.

Tuesday - 1st and 2nd block

Wednesday - 3rd and 4th block

Thursday - 5th and 6th block

Friday - 7th and 8th block

Sources of Strength Weekly Activity

Are you bored of your routine or being in the same house all day? Are you stressed from all of the exams? Well we have the perfect thing for you to do for self care and reflection! Check out these two links to help you feel better :)

  • Fill out the Bad Mood Busters and let those people in your life know how grateful you are for them!
  • Check out the ABC's of SELF CARE. We especially like the letter "G" - if a trusted adult is on your list feel free to send them a note of appreciation!

Uses Strengths. Share Strengths.

Take Care Stone Bridge!

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse: COVID-19 could be an especially serious threat to those who smoke or vape. Vaping is an epidemic for adolescents who are highly vulnerable to substance use. Please review the Student Assistance Specialists Flyer and video below for more details about the risks involved and supports available to help students in need.

PTSO Teacher Appreciation Survey

Has someone from Stone Bridge gone above and beyond to help you or your child? The PTSO has put together a quick survey for you to thank and honor our staff for all of their work. You can nominate more than one staff member and include anyone who works in our building. Thanks for your support of our school community!
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Mental Health Support

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, Sources is Strength is focusing on the strength of Mental Health. Watch the Children's Mental Health Awareness video. If you are experiencing mental health challenges, let your parents know - there is help. You can also ask your parents or guardians to email and we can help support you.

As a sources gift, take a break and enjoy these Coloring Pages.

Use Strengths. Share Strengths. Take Care Stone Bridge!

Want more information about our Mental Health Teams? Check out this flyer in English and Spanish highlighting the staff and supports we offer.

Time Management Help

In this world of distance learning, are you struggling with keeping track of all the google meets and assignments? Are you finding it frustrating or getting overwhelmed? Please watch the SBHS Time Management Video and in just a few minutes you'll have some basic tips to help you on your way. Closed caption available in English and Spanish.

Computer Math Elective

As you complete your registration for classes, consider taking Computer Math / Introduction to Programming. Computer Math is an introductory course on programming in Java, which is the same language used in AP Computer Science. In Computer Math, you will learn how to guide a virtual robot through a digital map to complete different creative tasks, learn the basics of graphics, animation, and game design and create your own video game. Computer Science forms a large job market with one of the highest pay rates in any of the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Computer Math could be your introduction to this lucrative field. Please see the flyer for more information.

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