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March 13th, 2023

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Kids learn resiliency best from adults modeling it for them (especially parents). For example, if we are telling our children we want them to handle their emotions while we are completely losing control, it won’t work. One thing we all know is that parenting takes a lot of practice, and we will make mistakes. But it’s okay to make mistakes! It’s actually a great time to model resiliency. Say something like, “I’m sorry I handled that poorly – I messed up. Let me try that again” or “what I should have done was…” No one is as forgiving as our kids, and admitting mistakes helps them to see we all learn from them.

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A Message from Mrs. Brady

What is your favorite genre? Do you love a good mystery? Is historical fiction your go to? Fantasy? Biography? Many of us are drawn to one genre. It is great to enjoy a favorite, but reading many different genres can be beneficial. Different genres can elevate your vocabulary. For instance, reading Harry Potter will introduce much different language than a nonfiction book on plants, animals or fossils. Reading comprehension will also improve with time spent in multiple genres. Background and context will be built with each reading and make additional books more meaningful. Empathy can be developed as readers encounter characters with problems in fiction, nonfiction and fantasy. Problem solving can improve when readers contemplate possible choices and outcomes that characters may make. Don’t limit yourself. Pick up a book in a new genre from the library today!


We are hoping to expand opportunities for learning in the library. If you would like to contribute chess or checkers sets, rubik’s cubes, or keva planks we would love it. If you’d rather make a donation, you can scan the link to donate directly to our library. Thank you for all you do to support our students and get them excited about learning!

Or use the QR code below

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Open to ALL 4th, 5th, & 6th grade students!

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5th and 6th grade Mind Storm Commitment form

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Summer Lunch

2023 Summer Pandemic EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Benefits in Utah

The free and reduced-price meal application submission deadline for households is May 1, 2023. Below is the information you need to know about Pandemic EBT benefits for this summer benefits.

What is the 2023 Summer Pandemic EBT program?

A program administered through the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Food and Nutrition Service and state agencies to supply a one-time benefit amount of $120 per eligible child to buy groceries for students. Benefits will be issued onto an electronic benefit card during the summer of 2023 from the Department of Workforce Services.

Which students will be eligible?

1. Students enrolled on May 1, 2023, in a National School Lunch Program participating school; and

2. Students approved for free or reduced-price meal eligibility as of May 1, 2023; or

3. Enrolled in a Community Eligible Provision or Provision 2 school on May 1, 2023.

Which students will not be eligible?

According to the state plan approved by USDA Food and Nutrition Service, students beginning enrollment in a NSLP (National School Lunch Programs) participating school after May 1, 2023, will not be considered for Summer Pandemic EBT benefits.

Household free and reduced-price meal applications submitted to the district/charter/school foodservice program after May 1, 2023, will not be considered for Summer P-EBT benefit eligibility.

Who do I contact about school meal benefit eligibility?

To apply for free or reduced-price meals go to

To find information about your current free or reduced-price meal eligibility

Or contact our specialist at , 801-402-7647

General information about the summer P-EBT program will be updated and posted on the Utah Department of Workforce Services webpage

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for free or reduced-price meal benefits? Notification of free or reduced-price benefit approval was sent You can find eligibility information by

If I have children attending schools in different districts and/or charter schools is eligibility shared? Contact each district/charter foodservice department as meal benefit eligibility is not automatically shared among districts and/or charter schools.

My children attend a school that does not charge for meals, do they automatically qualify? If your children are not enrolled in a Community Eligibility Provision or Provision 2 school, your household will need to be determined free or reduced-price meal eligible based on household size and gross income. Contact

Can our household reapply for free or reduced-price school meals before May 1, 2023? Yes. Households do not have to report household size or gross income changes once approved for free or reduced-price meals benefits. When circumstances change, households may reapply for benefits.

What will the P-EBT benefit amount be? Households with eligible students will receive a one-time issuance of $120 per eligible student.

If I have eligible students, how will I receive the benefits? Benefits will be issued to the existing card the households received with previous school year 2021-2022 P-EBT benefits unless new guardian/parent information is reported by the district/charter/school. Households that have not received previous P-EBT benefits or have a change in guardianship will be mailed a P-EBT card through the US Postal Service using the mailing address provided by the district/charter/school. Households participating in SNAP will receive P-EBT benefits on their current SNAP card. Additional information will be provided with the mailed cards. Visit the DWS P-EBT webpage,, if you have questions about P-EBT cards and issuance amounts.

Will my eligible students also receive P-EBT benefits for school year 2022-2023 absences or school closures? Utah will not have a School Year 2023 Pandemic EBT plan. This means benefits will not be paid for any COVID-related absences, school closures, or reduced attendance during the school year 2022-2023 as was done in prior years.

What if my mailing address has changed? Notify the school foodservice department by May 1, 2023. Please update your demographic information with your student school if they change since you register at the beginning of SY2022-2023.

Do the Summer Pandemic EBT benefits affect you or your child’s immigration status? No, the Public Charge rule does not apply to P-EBT.

Can eligible students still take part in their local summer meal programs? Yes. USDA Food and Nutrition Service will post operating summer meal sites in May 2023 for the summer meal service operations (

Can my household decline Summer P-EBT benefits? Households that do not wish to participate in the program will be instructed by the Department of Workforce Service to properly dispose of the EBT card.

“This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”

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  • Log on to your MyDSD account
  • Click on the payments tab at the top
  • Click pay for fees/lunch
  • Then click on Optional fees
  • You will see the selection to but a year book
  • Check out
We will be selling yearbooks until Friday May 19th 2023 on your MyDSD account.

After May 19th they will no longer be on MyDSD for purchase.

If there are any left after May 19th 2023, I will let you know so that you can come in that last week of school to purchase.

6th grade Graduation Party

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Please read our school security procedure below.

*Please remember, NO ONE will enter our building without a photo ID (NO Exceptions) Please check in on the iPad and put on a visitor/volunteer sticker.

*ONLY those listed on your emergency contacts are allowed to check out your student.

*Emergency Contact MUST BE 18