School Safety Resources

Information for Special Educators and Therapists

This page contains information and resources for school-based personnel working with students who have disabilities.

Developing an IEP Emergency Plan

A Day In Our Shoes has extensive resources that will help in developing an emergency plan for students with IEPs. You can review that information here.

Develop an IELP

Learn more and develop an Individual Emergency Lockdown & Evacuation Plan. Read more on this from The Friendship Circle here.

Ways You Can Use the IEP to Create the Best Emergency Plan

For Families

Create a personalized "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) Contact Card from Save the Children here.

Mitigating Psychological Effects of Lockdowns

Sample School Emergency Plan for Students w/ Disabilities

This sample guidebook by Marin County Schools may be helpful to those who are looking for an example of what to include. You can review that here.