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Sarah Margaret Fuller, Romanticism

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Sarah Margaret Fuller (1810 through 1850)

Sarah was an American Journalist, critic, and women's rights supporter that associated with the American Political Movement. She was one of the first full schedule American female book reviewer in Journalism. In 1845, she published her feminist novel ''Woman In The Nineteenth Century'' and became engaged in many social reform movements.

Cole, Niagara Falls 1830

This picture captures the ideal of romanticism because of it's artistic form that expresses emotion and one's thoughts. The different shade of colors and the river in between connects the sense of nature to come across a message. This image connects to the poem ''The Highlands'' where it emphasizes ''Arrayed in mist cold; No cheerful lights softened your aspect bold.'' and ''The varied beauties of the scene enshroud.'' Which basically shows that the smoke of the dusted clouds seem to block part of the land that represents the changes of how it once appeared to be and described in the poem.


Saw ye first, arrayed in mist and cold;

No cheerful lights softened your aspect bold;

A sullen gray, or green, more grave and cold,

The varied beauties of the scene enshroud.

Yet not the less, O Hudson! calm and proud,

Did I receive the impress of that hour

Which showed thee to me, emblem of that power

Of high resolve, to which even rocks have bowed;

Thou wouldst not deign thy course to turn aside,

And seek some smiling valley's welcome warm,

But through the mountain's very heart, thy pride

Has been, thy channel and thy banks to form.

Not even the ''bulwarks of the world''could bar

The inland fount from joining ocean's war!

Source: Fuller

T- The title could possibly mean a higher level of mountains and valley's that's might be where the narrator spends most of their time.

P- At first it starts off with the dark clouds that are covering up the aspect of the land, but the narrator could still enjoy how the mountains are formed just by observing the creation and meaning to symbolize a place where it's soothing . It's also saying how not even a barrier can stop from creating an image that would make the beauty of nature look remarkable.

C- Imagery that's use such as ''smiling valley's'', ''rocks have bowed'',and ''sullen gray, more gray and cold.''

A- The attitude of this poem seems calm, and compassionate because the way the narrator describes the scenery of the Hudson river as peaceful and full of pride.

S- From the beginning of one through stanza three sounds gloomy when it expresses'' a sullen gray , more gray and cold.''Then shifts to a joyful tone stating''The varied of beauties of the scene enshroud. O Hudson! calm and proud.''

T- The poem is talking about viewing a land that takes up so much space. A viewing where the narrator can reflect what they visualize admiring from a far sight.

T- The message of this poem is the calmness of nature. The viewing of the landscape can outgrowth someone into a more positive attitude.

Romanticism Song-'' Vivaldi Summer''

Margaret would be influence by this song because it's blissful and constructs deep meaning of the natural world.
Vivaldi - Summer