Structure of Executive Branch

Kenzie McNeill & Collin Bishton

Vice President

  • President in waiting
  • Votes to only to break a tie
  • Used to do nothing, now gets jobs president assigned to him
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The Cabinet

Qualifications- Must be a college graduate, and have plenty of experience in their field

Responsibilities- helps advise the president on crucial topics, responsible for your department

National security council- president's forum for security and foreign policy

Office of Management and Budget- sets and deciphers presidential budget

Chief of staff- runs white house staff and regulates work

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Federal Bureaucracy


Department of Defense (in charge of military)
Secretary Ashton Carter

Department of Justice (enforce laws, ensure public safety)

Eric Holder is Attorney General

Department of the Interior (protects natural resources)
Sally Jewell is Secretary
Department of Agriculture (aids farmers)
Tom Villsack
Department of Commerce (business, trade and commerce)

Department of Labor (responsible for wages, safety, benefits, etc.)
Thomas E. Perez

Department of Health and Human Services (protecting health, seniors)
Sylvia Mathews Burwell
Department of Housing and Urban Development (home ownership, housing assistance, housing laws)
Julian Castro

Independent Agencies

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Regulatory Commissions

an organization created by the government with the purpose of enforcing specific regulations on a certain part of the economy.
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