LeaseStar Update

October 2015

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Exciting News

  • LeaseStar Classified - We are proud to present an all-new LeaseStar Classified Portfolio Performance Report. It includes a user-friendly presentation of Performance Analysis, Week-Over-Week Comparisons, Colorful Indicators, Performance Grades, and more. See the screenshot below for a sneak peek and keep your eye out for the full report to be in your inbox each month.

  • Bell Flatirons - Joe Taucher, Leasing Tablet Product Manager, personally visited the team at Bell Flatirons last week. He was able to touch base with the team and learn about their business practices and experience using the LeaseStar Leasing Tablet. He left with valuable insight and our Product Team will be incorporating Flatiron's feedback into future product decisions.

  • LeaseStar Leasing Tablet - Pet Policy information, Site Map image, and all Floorplan images have been updated for Bell Flatirons! The Leasing Team can confidently share the most up to date information with future residents.
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LeaseStar Training

We are finalizing customized training modules for users who may need refresher training on Lead2Lease, Marketing Center, Classifieds Posting Tool, Listing Builder, or Syndication.

LeaseStar Support Case Analysis: January - October, 2015

  • All Bell Partners' LeaseStar Support Cases, on average, were closed much faster than the standard outlined by the RealPage SLA agreement.
  • Critical Support Cases were closed on average in about an hour.
  • High Priority Support Cases were closed on average at 11hours.
  • Medium Priority Support Cases were closed on average within a few days.
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Implementation & Sales


  • Jennifer Gough, Bell Partners' LeaseStar Classified Implementation Consultant has confirmed that all implementations are on schedule.


  • Zoe Matthews, Bell Partners' Account Representative is ready to welcome inquiries about new solutions and new community partnerships.

Product Highlight

EGG Smart Locker

  • Frees staff from time consuming package management.
  • Automatically notifies residents when a package is delivered.
  • Retrieve packages 24/7 - No more rushing for office hours or waiting in line.

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