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Norfolk Junior High

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By Kyle Phillips


The Steelers have won six Super Bowls. They were originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates. Art Rooney is the owner of the Steelers. They have gone to eight Super Bowls, and they have had six stadiums. They have also had 20 division championships. The rivals are the Ravens, Browns, and Bengals. The historic rivals are the Patriots, Raiders, Broncos, and the Cowboys. The immaculate reception happened in divisional playoff game vs the Oakland Raiders on December 23, 1972. The Steelers defense is named the steel curtain.
One player has a retired number and that is number 70 Ernie Stautner. The Steelers have 25 Hall of Famers.The Steelers have two league mvp’s. The Steelers have 12 achievements. Chuck Noll won four Super Bowls as head coach.They share the stadium with a NCAA team the Pittsburgh Panthers. They had 18 coaches in the Steelers history. They had 27 playoff appearances.
The current coach is Mike Tomlin. The Steelers were the first team to win back to back Super Bowls. They were also the first team to win four Super Bowls. In 2001 was the last season of Three River Stadium. The Steelers mascot is Steely Mcbeam. The Steelers logo is based off a steelmark logo. The Steelers are the only team to have the logo on one side.


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I picked ncaa 13 because i like football and this is a football game. I also picked it because its amazing features like, the heisman challenge. dynasty, teambuilder. they also have most college teams, you can make players, you can play road to glory and get scouted from high school. you can import roster names. you can play other people online. you can also win the heisman on dynasty. You can play up to 6 people 0ffline. you can also play dynasty online. they also have a new espn feature.
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McDonald’s worker Jim Smith was wanting a french fry and McDonald’s was closing down. He was by himself, so he put his hand in the french machine not knowing it was on. He burned his finger. He said he did it because he likes salt and he was getting hungry. The date was September 12, 2001. His finger is still swollen. He visits his doctor every week.


The Blind Side is the movie I picked because I like football. The movie is about Michael Oher's life and he got into football. It tells how he got a place to live. He also played football for his high school team. He struggled with grades, so he got a tutor to help with his grades, so he could keep playing football. Her name was Miss Sue. He received many college offers, but he went with Tennessee. He was drafted in the NFL by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009. He played Right Tackle.


The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against is this issue.

I disagree because the sports programs could be cut. We would not be good at games, because even if we do not lose sports, they could still take practice away. I would also get tired, which would get me distracted to lose homework. We could get less sleep. People could get in trouble because they would be sleeping in class because they have been getting less sleep.

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