Sagebrush Elementary

Family Update 9/30/22

Funding for our School

Dear Sagebrush Families,

We are approaching another important point in the year called October Count. During this 10 day window, the state of Colorado monitors attendance five days before and five days after Monday October 3, 2022. Our attendance of enrolled students determines our state funding. Families, please do your part to ensure your student is at school each day between now and October 10 AND especially on Monday, October 3rd. We thank you for your support!

Another important means of increasing our school funding is through our status as a Title 1 school. This is based off of our numbers of students receiving free and reduced lunch. We are asking that everyone, regardless of household, income fill out the form. You can find the form here. Title 1 funding helps to support our intervention program, instructional coaching for our teachers, and para-educator support.

Thank you,

Chris Powell

Sagebrush Principal

School Attendance

On any given school day, there are at least 20 students who come in after the 8:00 bell. Student attendance and time in class is tracked. Students arriving late are not only disrupting class as they enter, but they are also missing out on important learning that occurs beginning at 8:00. Most grade levels are focused on Social Emotional Learning first thing in the morning which is vital for students' development.

Students eating breakfast may arrive in the cafeteria as early as 7:40 to eat. If students are not eating breakfast, they may line up and socialize outside their grade level doors beginning at 7:45. Avoid the traffic and arrive early.

One Chip Challenge is NOT allowed at School!

  • Dear Parents and Guardians:

    We are asking for your help in protecting our students from the dangers of the “One Chip Challenge,” a social media challenge that has sent both children and adults to hospitals in several states.

    In this challenge, people are encouraged to record and post their reaction as they eat a single tortilla chip seasoned with Carolina Reaper pepper and stinging Scorpion pepper.

    Eating these chips can cause serious reactions, including intense stomach pain, profuse vomiting, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

    Please talk with your students about the dangers of participating in these types of challenges and help them develop the skills they need to say no to dangerous activities.

    Thank you so much for your partnership in keeping our students safe and healthy.

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Information from PTCO

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Our Vision

We are building a school in which all students will thrive socially, emotionally, and academically as they are prepared to make a positive impact on the world.

Sagebrush Elementary

Chris Powell-Principal

Dena McMurtry- Assistant Principal

Michele Cruz - Office Manager - 720-886-8303

Marisela Ramirez- Registrar- 720-886-8302

Lesley Fleming- Attendance Secretary- 720-886-8301

Angela Pesche - School Nurse- 720-886-8310

Attendance Line- 720-886-8395 or email us at

Gail Bond- Director of Before and After- 720-886-8370


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