Away From Home

savannah heredia

A Surprise

It was May 24,2009, and it was a beautiful day. I had a great day at school. When I got home, there was a big U-Haul truck. I went in the house, and I saw my mom, dad, brothers, Dayton, J.R and Craig, and sister’s, Shelbigh and Bobbie, packing up boxes. I had asked them why they were packing boxes, and my mom and dad said we had to talk. I was very scared I didn’t know what they were going to say. My dad said we are moving to North Carolina. My heart dropped, a lot of things were going through my head. I was really mad and I told them I hated them.

I Have To Go

My friends were really mad and upset when I told them I was moving away. I was trying so hard not to cry. I told my friends that I will keep in touch and that they meet everything to. My brother, sister, and I went to McDonalds to see my grandma for the last time. We were all crying because that was the only grandma I had ever known.

When I Got Sick

When it was time to get on the road, I was scared. We had to stop because I had got sick,We had to spend a night at a hotel room. I keep throwing up, my mom said I was just home sick. I really thought that if I keep throwing up then we would go back to Texas.

What To Do

They started to pack up the U-Haul, so Shelbigh and I planned something. The plan was when they started to unload the U-Haul and put the boxes in the house that we would take the stuff through the garage and put it back on the U-Haul truck.