Carys Dougherty

My name

"If its a girl does her name have to begin with the letter C?"

"Of course you do!" was the response my mom always got from anyone she asked. They thought i would feel left out or sad if I didn't have a C name. My mom wanted something different than any other regular name like "Christina" or "Carly." My mom had a friend that worked at Penn and she printed out a list of names of girls that went there. As soon as she saw the name Carys, she fell in love.

I do agree with the fact that my name is different, and it has its advantages of being different like, a lot of people like it and they think its "pretty." But when you have advantages, you will always have your disadvantages too such as, People always pronouncing it wrong, people not knowing how to spell it, and the worst one of them all, never and I mean never, seeing your name on keychains or stickers or almost anything for that matter. The only way I could get something with my name on it is if I order it, or if I go to Wales, which I don't think will be happening anytime soon.

Carys means love, which I find it believable because I think of myself to be a lovable person. When I asked my friends what they think means they said stuff like kind, pleasant, and pure, and I think all of those relate to love.

I am proud to say that my name is Carys, because it is a name like no other. It is very unique and pretty. Even though people sometimes don't know how to spell it or pronounce it wrong, i like the fact that I have a better chance of finding a four leaf clover than I do of finding my name on a key-chain.

The day I was born

When is your birthday?

- February 28th 2000

Find your age in days with this Age Calculator.

- 5300 days

Can you find out what the moon looked like on the day you were born? Insert an image.

Can you find out what the weather was like on the day you were born?

-It was 53.1 degrees.

List at least five famous people who share their birthday with you. What are they famous for?

-Jason Aldean, he is famous because he is a country singer. Jake Bugg, He is a famous singer. Megan Mcdonald, she is a famous author. Tasha Smith, She is a a tv actress. Sarah Bolger, She is a famous actress.

List at least ten things that happened throughout time on this day in history .

-The Nisqually earthquake, 10 people died in the selby rail crash, 15th soul train music awards, 24th golden rasberry awards, 19th soul train music award, 55 people were killed in Ahmadabad, Over 1 million Taiwanese participating in the 228 Hand-in-Hand Rally, A suicide bombing at a police recruiting centre in Al Hillah, Iraq kills 127 people, Jupiter flyby of the New Horizons Pluto-observer spacecraft.

Find out how much these things cost:

a postage stamp: 20 cents

a luxury car: $89,650

an economy car: $8,222

a four bedroom house in Media: $130,900

a gallon of milk:$2.88

going to the movies: for children $5.39, for adults $7.18.

Who was President? Bill Clinton

What was the must have toy? Bratz dolls, and Zhu Zhu pets

What movies came out? No movies were released on my exact birthday but the one released the day after was 3 strikes and The Little Theif

Who were the biggest movie stars? Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Tom Hanks.

Most popular TV shows? The Sopranos, The wire, and Deadwood.

Music? Amazed - Lonestar, Oops! I did it again - Britney Spears, and Graduation - Vitamin C.

Sports? Soccer

What were the fashion trends? Shiny pants, fancy camo, chockers, biker tops, cow girl shirts, stripe turtleneck sweaters.

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Storage trunk

In my old dark basement, there was a old wooden box buried underneath a

pile of useless junk.I blew the layer of dust of the top of the old box. In this box was

basically memories from my parents, and grandparents childhood. The first item/

memory that i found was an old silver cross. My grandmother got it when she was

growing up in Ireland. She found it in a little jewelry shop and she saved up all of her

money until she could buy it. This cross brought her so much joy, even though in the

time she was growing up in didnt have much of it. The second item/memory I found was

two little glass statuettes, one dog and one cat. The statuettes use to belong to my

mommom, She got them from one of nuns at her school. I was suprised when I heard

that because I would think nuns would be mean and scary back then. Both of these

items were saved because they gave my grandparents happiness when things around

them werent so happy. These items reveal that if you can find something that makes

you happy and hold on to that then you can get through all the bad things going on. I

hope to pass these items down to my kids and to their kids.I plan on keeping both of

these memories for a very long time.

My personal alphabet

A is for altruistic. I care more about other people than I do for myself.

B is for busy. I have many activities that I always have to be at.

C is for carefree. I do not get stressed as much as other people do.

D is for determined. When I want to do somthing I do it.

E is for exhausted. I am tired most of the time.

F is for frivolous. Most of the time I am not serious.

G is for gregarious. I am very social and I talk to a lot of people.

H is for humble. I am not a cocky person.

I is for indolent. I am very lazy unless I have to do something.

J is for jovial. I am very friendly and kind to everyone.

K is for kindhearted. I care for others and their feelings.

L is for lively. I have a lot of energy.

M is for muted. I am quiet most of the time.

N is for nocturnal. I am more active and awake at night.

O is for overlooked. I am not noticed by many.

P is for patient. I dont get frusterated or angry quickly.

Q is for quick. I am very fast athletic wise.

R is for respectful. I am very polite and I dont put anyone down.

S is for short. I am very small compared to most of my friends.

T is for thankful. I am so pleased with everything that I have and I could'nt ask for anything better.

U is for unique. I am different but in a good way.

V is for vibrant. I live life to the fullest and I am very spirited.

W is for wry. I am very sarcastic with my friends.

X is for xenodochial. I am very friendly towards people I dont know.

Y is for youthful. I am young and full of energy.

Z is for zesty. I am very lively.

Music in my life

What is the role of music in your life? I think music has the role of my emotion.

What genres of music do you listen? Do you listen to specific genres for specific purposes or at specific times? I have a big range when it comes to music. I listen to slow sad music, Pop music, and Pop-rock. I think the music I listen to at a given time definitely depends on the way I am feeling emotionally. For example if I am feeling sad then I will listen to slow and sad songs.

Make a list of bands/singers/groups that you love. One Direction, Sam Smith, 5 Seconds of Summer, Lana Del Rey, The Darling Buds, Coldplay, Birdy, M83, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran, Andrew Belle.

Make a list of songs that you love. 18 - One Direction, Kiss me - Ed Sheeran, Medicine - Daughter, I Miss You - Blink 182

Do you have any songs that have stories connected to them? For example, the song “Yellow” by Coldplay is special to me because it was playing on the radio when I was driving in the car on the way to the hospital when my daughter was born. Yellow turned out to be her favorite color. The song "I Miss You" by Blink 182 because it was my brother, Curran, favorite song and when he left for spain for 5 months I heard it so many times, and when we went to go pick him up from the airport that song came on the radio.

Choose one piece of music as your personal theme song. Copy the lyrics (if there are lyrics) give the title, and the artist. "You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one." John Lennon - Imagine

Explain why you like the song. I like this song because the lyrics are describing how the world should be instead of the way it really is, Its saying to imagine the world like it is perfect even though it is the complete opposite.

Explain how the song represents you. Which character traits or personal qualities does it reflect? How? I can relate to this song because I personally wish that the world wasnt seen as such an awful place, I really do wish there was world peace.

Which lyrics are most meaningful? Why? I think the lyrics "Imagine all the people, Living life in peace" are most meaningful to me because we dont live in a world where we have world peace and it makes you literally imagine a world with peace which is amazing.

Unfinished sentences

I usually worry about disappointing my parents.

I feel frustrated when I have a lot of things to do but no time to do it.

I feel angry when I can't go out with my friends.

I feel depressed when I'm alone.

I’m moody when nobody listens to me.

I am comfortable when I'm in my bed watching netflix.

I’m happiest when I do something good.

I feel nervous when my parents look at my grades.

I feel confident when my makeup looks good.

I feel sentimental when I'm watching sad movies.

Like and dislikes



Mashed potato

One Direction


Modern Family

Justin Bieber


Cozy beds


Fried oreos


Taylor Swift

Being in the cold for too long

Getting sunburnt


Being late to things

Being sick

When my phone is dead


Being alone at night

High heels

My best friends

My friends right now are Lindsey, Charlotte, Audrey, abby, Skylar, Emerson, Katie, Courtney, Taylor and Kat.

They are my friends because they are always there for me. They help me through everything. We always have the best times together. We go to the beach together, and the movies. We always have sleepovers and eat so much.

We make each other feel so good about ourselves. We never put each other down. I don't know what I would do without them, they make me feel so special.

Thanksgiving audio

Lessons I've learned when it's too late

Don't be disrespectful to your parents.

Always pay attention.

Don't argue with coaches.

Don't put your phone down in stores.

Worrying doesn't change anything.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.