RISD Elementary Parent Newsletter

Week of 1/7/19

Message from Julie

Dear RISD Elementary Parents,

I hope you had a great weekend and are getting geared up for another awesome weekend at our elementary schools.

Here is one of the initiatives that we are working to at our schools! We already had the beginning of "sensory walks" at our schools and seeing this newsclip this morning has inspired me to do even more:


Pretty exciting to be on the cutting edge of providing kids education in different ways.

Also, I wanted to provide you explanation of the purpose for the new cafeteria tables I am proposing for next year's budget:

The Benefits of Serving Meals Family Style

There are many benefits that children and site staff enjoy when serving meals family style. Some of these include:

  • Children learn and practice social and motor skills such as taking turns, sharing, and passing, pouring and scooping foods;
  • Children may choose to take smaller portions of food and know they can take seconds if they want. The Institute of Medicine recommends serving meals family style because it creates a healthful eating environment that is responsive to children’s hunger and fullness cues;
  • Children are encouraged to try new foods by seeing other children and adults eating them;
  • Site staff act as good role models for children by sitting at the same table an eating the same meal as the children;
  • Site staff and children can enjoy pleasant conversation with each other; and
  • Creates an intimate, sharing, family-like environment.
  • Helps with the “lost art” of table manners.

1/10 - Winter Programming Begins:

We will be sending home notes with students in the morning of which SME activity they were assigned to (unless they are skiing or going to Hulbert.

A GIANT thank you to Shaye Perry who put up our AWESOME skating rink for this winter (and sustainable for winters to come). It is going to be fantastic!

Another thank you to Tami and Adam Sullivan for coordinating the ski program.

And to Jason Knowles and the Hulbert staff for providing their amazing programing for free!

A final thank you to Ms. Amanda and Ms. Amber for coordinating all the paperwork, permission slips and google documents to keep this all straight.

We are so excited for the first day! Let's hope mother nature is kind to us!


A note for skiers:

*******If you are transporting your children from the mountain (having them stay later, etc., you must have a note turned into the office****************


  • YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT. Rentals MUST be arranged prior to the first day of the program. Rentals are available from various locations in the upper valley, including the Dartmouth Skiway.

  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED and can be rented.

  • SNOW PANTS AND JACKETS ARE REQUIRED. Please dress your child in layers and send extra clothing - MITTENS, socks, etc. so your child stays warm. If you child is not dressed properly, they will not be able to attend.

  • Please label all equipment with NAME and SCHOOL. If equipment is lost we can identify it and easily return it to the appropriate location at the end of the day.

  • Skis/Poles/Snowboards must be left at the main entrance of your school on Thursday mornings by 8 am.

  • A designated equipment transporter will deliver the equipment to the Skiway as well as return it to SME at the end of the day.


  • WES Pick-Up: Bus departs WES approximately 8:15, transports to SME.

  • Departure: Bus leaves SME approximately 9 am, then heads directly to Dartmouth Skiway.

  • Return to SME: Bus departs Dartmouth Skiway at 12:15 pm drops off at SME at 1 and continues to WES for 1:30 arrival. There will be regular dismissal and buses at 1:45

  • If you choose to pick your child up at the Skiway, you should arrive by 12 pm.

  • If your child intends to stay at the Skiway with another parents or volunteer, he/she will need a signed note.

Have a great week!


Big picture

A great holiday concert!

Have you asked your SME student about what it means to get ROCKS? WES has been doing this great positive behavior intervention for years, and SME is lucky to get "in" on the action!


Outstanding Scholar




Each time a student or class demonstrates one of these characteristics, they receive a rock. 5th graders at SME just filled their ROCKS jar and came to the office to celebrate! We are PROUD!

Struggling with homework?

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What's New for the 2018-2019 School Year

Updated handbook!

We will be focusing on consistency between the two schools. A copy of the handbook will be sent home, but you can also access it online.


Upcoming Events