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Library Book Fair May 1-May 5

Larson Elementary will host our Spring Book Fair May 1-5. The purpose of this Book Fair is to encourage a love of reading in students and keep them reading all summer. Our Book Fair is a fundraiser and proceeds from the sales will be used to renew and maintain our school library collection. Annually purchasing new books and other library materials, allows us to have interesting, motivating and engaging books for students to enjoy and for staff to use in support of their classroom instruction.

As a courtesy to our school community, our book fair vendor, Scholastic, has provided this list of books that may be included at the Book Fair (not all books on the list will be available). As you review this list of books, please reach out to Mrs Stegall and Mrs. Rowell with specific book titles or specific concerns you may have about books on the list.

Our annual Book Fair is an optional activity - that is, it is not a requirement in any way, to attend or participate in the Book Fair. If you decide you do not want your child to participate in the Book Fair, please complete this Google form opting them OUT of the event before April 28th. Please help us help you in enforcing this request to opt out by talking with your child about not attending or participating in the Book Fair. Again, this is an optional activity. No one is required to attend the Book Fair.

If you are OK with your student's voluntary participation in the Book Fair, no action is needed on your part!

Thank you for supporting our school library and community of learners!


Mrs. Stegall

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