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Government and economics on Brazil Cuba and Mexico

Cuban Government

Cuba has a communist Government. It is controled by Raul Castro since Febuary 24 , 2008. They can be also known as an Autocracy. Cuba is unicameral , it has 614 seats. It is called the national assembly. You have to be 16 years old to vote

You can only vote if you vote for Raul Castro. Cuba only has one party. It is called the Cuban Communist Party, it is the only party because the government doesn't want anyone going against them. Havana is the capital city of Cuba. Cuba has 15 providences and one special municipality. They joined the United Nations on October 24 , 1945

Mexican Government

Mexico is a presidential democracy that is federal republican. They have 31 states and one federal district. Mexico's capital city is Mexico city. You have to be at least 18 years old to vote in Mexico. Enrique Pena Nieto is the president. He has been it since since December 1 2012.

The names of them are senate with 128 seats and deputy with 518 seats. Mexico got its independence on November 7,1965. Mexico's federal district is in Mexico city. Mexico has a bicameral government. They joined the United Nations on November 7 , 1965.

Brazilian Government

Brazil is a Presidential Democracy that is federal republican. They have 26 states and one federal district. The federal district is located in the capital. The capital is called Brasillia. Brazil got its independence on September 7, 1822.

They joined the United Nations on October 24 1945. The President of Brazil is Dilma Rousseff. She has been the President since January 1, 2011. They are bicameral, the names of the houses are chamber with 513 seats and the senate with 81 seats. It is a choice to vote 16 and 17 years old , and you must vote from 18 to 70 years old then after 70 years old you don't have to.

Cuban economy

Cuba's economy is a command system. Their natural resources are cobalt, nickle, iron ore, copper, salt, timber , petroleum, and arable land. 33.8% of their land is arable in Cuba. You still need to take in that Cuba is very small . This means even if they have a bigger percent than some country's the other country still may have more arable land.

Cuba's literacy rate is 99.8%. Only 3% of their country's people are unemployed. In Cuba not a single person in Cuba lives in poverty. Cuba's GDP which is the amount of money the country makes in a year is 77.15 billion dollars which is not a lot compared to other counties. Cuba GDP per capita is 10,200. You may think that some of this is fake because the Cuban government is communist. It most likely is because the government of Cuba makes most of this stuff up.

Mexican economy

Mexico is a mixed economy. Their natural resources are petroleum, silver, copper, gold, zinc, natural gas and led. The country has 11.8% of arable land. It is actually a lot because it is a very big country. The industries in Mexico are food, beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron , steal, mining, textiles, clothing, and consumers.

Mexico's literacy rate is 95.1%. Only 4.5% of the countries people are unemployed there. 51.3% of the people in Mexico live under poverty. Mexico's GDP is 1.161 trillion dollars which is much much more than Cuba's. The GDP per capita is 18,500 in Mexico. That is Mexico's economy.

Brazilian economy

Brazil has a mixed economy. Their natural resources are bauxite, gold, iron ore, nickle, rare earth elements, petroleum and timber. 8.6% of Brazil is arable land. That is actually a lot of arable land because Brazil is the 2nd largest country in the world. The industries in Brazil are cement, chemicals, textiles, iron ore, tin, steal, air crafts, machinery, equipment.

In Brazil the literacy rate is 92.6%. Only 6.4% of the people in Brazil are unemployed. This is very good because of all the people in Brazil. The poverty rate is 21.4%. Brazil's GDP is the highest of the 3 at 1.8 trillion dollars. Their GDP per capita is 15,800. This is Brazil's economy.