Digital Access

Full Electronic Participation in Society

Don't Know What It Is? Don't Worry!

Digital Access refers to the amount of technological access an individual has in regards to to the rest of society; how much access one has completely depends on a variety of factors from educational attainment, socio-economic status, and age.

Why Everyone Should Have Equal Access!

Digital exclusion makes it difficult to grow as a society increasingly using these tools. Helping to provide and expand access to technology should be goal of all digital citizens. Users need to keep in mind that there are some that may have limited access, so other resources may need to be provided.

Reasons for Digital Access Varying Among Individuals in Society


Ways to Combat Unequal Digital Access

  • Schools provide laptops to students instead of asking to bring their own
  • Information is given out about where to access free wifi, such as McDonalds or a library
  • The government can start a program to help those without internet access at their homes by raising funds to give them internet access