Teacher Orientation Week

August 2nd - 6th

For New, New to SUHSD, and Returning Teachers

This year's Teacher Orientation Week will include sessions focused on high-leverage instructional strategies, ongoing curriculum initiatives, technology support, conditions for an optimal learning environment, and more. We will also have sessions geared towards welcoming and orienting our newest faculty.

Teacher Orientation Week

Monday, Aug. 2nd, 9am to Friday, Aug. 6th, 2:45pm

Online and at SUHSD District Office

We will once again offer a series of excellent paid PD offerings during August professional development for new and continuing staff.

Some sessions will be in-person at the District Office. Most will be offered virtually via Zoom. Please see individual listings in KickUp to find the format of the sessions you are interested in.

An In-Progress List of Offerings

Below is an in-progress list of sessions--more will be added. Supporting instructional practices and curriculum endeavors that lead to equitable outcomes are at the foundation of these PD sessions. We hope also to add sessions focused on equitable grading practices and culturally-responsive trauma-informed practices. We will send an updated flyer and a reminder later in the summer. You can sign up now for the sessions below.

If you do not see some of the sessions below listed in KickUp yet, they will be shortly. Please check back soon.

Monday, August 2nd

Morning Sessions:
  • TIPS Orientation
  • Canvas Discussions
  • Canvas New Course Set-Up
  • EdPuzzle in Canvas
  • ELD III Curriculum Overview
  • Hangin' Tough with the New Tech on the Block (Tech Introduction for New to SUHSD)

Afternoon Sessions:

  • TIPS Session 2: Understanding the CSTPs and crafting goals
  • Canvas: Google Assignments
  • What do I do now?: Understanding the CSTPs and Crafting Goals
  • OFFICE HOUR: Canvas & District Tech (for new to SUHSD staff)
  • New to ELD I / ELD II Curriculum Overview

Tuesday, August 3rd

Morning Sessions:

  • Core Teaching for New Veteran Teachers
  • Zen and the Art of Email Maintenance
  • Who Are You to Your Students? Warm Demander Reflection

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Let's Taco 'Bout It: Rigorous and Academic Discussion in SUHSD
  • Hangin' Tough with the New Tech on the Block (Tech Introduction for New to SUHSD)
  • English Common Unit Overview
  • UDL and Antiracist Practice: Removing Barriers for All Learners
  • Canvas New Course Setup

Wednesday, August 4th

Morning Session:

  • Tech toolbox for Case Managers
  • English Support Curriculum Overview
  • Scaffolding Safe and Constructive Conversations on Difficult Topics in Ethnic Studies
  • Flex Your Thinking | Applying a Text to ELA Flex Units
  • Introduction to the SUHSD Math Initiative Overview - Guiding Principles & Setting our Vision
  • Figuring Out, Not Learning About the Science: NGSS in SUHSD

Afternoon Session:

  • NGSS SNAP Cohort 3 - Meeting 1
  • Building your Support System
  • Academic Literacy Overview
  • Canvas New Course Setup
  • Setting Up Your Classroom for a Successful School Year
  • Integrating Action Civics in the Ethnic Studies Curriculum
  • Scaffolding Safe and Constructive Conversations on Difficult Topics in the Classroom

Thursday, August 5th

Morning Sessions:

  • Community Resiliency Model, Trauma-Informed Practices for ELD/LEP Teachers
  • English Intensive (Read 180)
  • Canvas: Learning Mastery Gradebook for Standards-Based Grading
  • Co-teaching Orientation
  • Big Ideas Textbook Training
  • Discovering Geometry Textbook Training
  • Phenomena Revisited - Bio Lesson Design and Collaboration

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Illustrative Mathematics Textbook Training
  • Canvas New Course Setup
  • Canvas: NEW Quizzes
  • Oral Language Development for Long-term English Language Learners
  • NGSS SNAP Cohort 3 - Meeting 2
  • ELA Common Agreement Team Planning and Collaboration

Friday, August 6th

Morning Sessions:

  • New Teacher Cheat Sheet
  • Introduction to SUHSD Benefits
  • Canvas New Course Setup
  • Canvas: Google Assignments

Afternoon Sessions:

  • NGSS SNAP Cohort 3 - Meeting 3
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Please remember that more will be added!