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Wednesday 28th September 2022

A message from the Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

Playground opening

The sun came out right on time for our playground blessing and opening last Thursday. It was wonderful to have many of our whanau and community members join us at this special event, including last year's house leaders who were so pivotal in meeting with our students to collect their ideas on what they would like in their playground design.

A big thank you to Matua Jerry Norman who supported us through the process. During the ceremony, our students were a part of the naming for our top playground, which will now be referred to as Puketākaro, which means ‘to play on this hill.’

As the playground is new and exciting, we currently have a timetable with an even amount of bookings for which play breaks the different year levels can play on the playground. This is to ensure health and safety for all. Next term, we will discontinue the timetable and go back to opening the playground up to everyone during break times.

Please click here to view Playground Opening Ceremony

25th Anniversary celebration assembly

Last Friday, our 25th Anniversary celebration assembly marked the completion of our Silver Jubilee events and celebration week. It was wonderful to have our Foundation Principal, Julien Lesueur attend the assembly and share his special memories of Pinehill School. Another highlight was hearing memories from one of our foundation students, Amber Cunliffe, who currently has daughters at our school. It’s very special to have generations of families starting to go through Pinehill. Amber also organised the biggest birthday cake I have ever seen for Pinehill. It was wonderful to see the cake on stage and even better to see the children’s faces as they saw the cake!. Mr Lesueur and I had great delight cutting the cake once we had sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to Pinehill School. The children received a cupcake as part of the celebrations.

A huge THANK YOU to Amber Cunliffe, Calla Cheng, Sam Brown and Sarah Ward who have all been instrumental in our 25th celebration event organisation and an amazing team to work alongside on the ‘25th Silver Jubilee Committee team.’

Please click to view 25th Birthday Celebration Assembly

Three way Conferences - 3WC

As we draw to the end of this term, we are already in full swing planning ahead for next term. During our first week back after the school holiday break, we will be holding Three Way Conferences (3WC) at Pinehill School.

You will have the opportunity to come into school with your child and meet with the teacher in a Three-Way Conference meeting. The school will close at the normal time of 3.00 pm on Wednesday 19th October with an early finish of 1.30 pm on Thursday 20th October.

PKC will open earlier on Thursday for families who are unable to collect their children at 1:30pm. If you are requiring your child to attend after school care on Thursday, please contact Liv - 021373229 to book a place. The school library will also be open for supervision, for students who are not attending PKC but can not be picked up until 3pm.

Three Way Conference meetings are a conversation between the student, parents and teacher that is focused on recent learning. It is one of the many ways of reporting to you, on your child’s progress at school. In a Three-Way Conference meeting, it is the child that leads the way by talking about their recent learning and progress. Not only is your child the best person to tell you about what they have learnt, but by talking about their learning they can build and deepen their learning. The staff and children are putting in much time and effort into preparing for the Three-Way Conference meetings. Please read further information about how Three- Way Conferences work at Pinehill School as well as how to book in your time to meet, below. The staff and children are putting in much time and effort into preparing for the Three-Way Conference meetings. We look forward to seeing you all there.

I wish everyone a wonderful school holiday break ahead and look forward to seeing everyone back on site for term 4 on Monday 17th October. Happy Holidays everyone!

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman, Principal

3 Way Conferencing Booking Link

Please click on the link below
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Part of The Resilience Project is building the capacity in our tamariki, our Pinehill staff and our Pinehill whanau for noticing and acknowledging things in our day to be grateful for. It’s a way to ‘up the positivity’ in our daily lives.

One way we can do this is by collecting “Dis!” moments. These can happen at any time of the day. It’s when you see something that makes you stop and admire. It’s when something goes really well for you. It’s for noticing that you’ve made progress at something you’ve been struggling with. It’s for times spent with people who we enjoy the company of. It’s for engaging in activities that we love.

Our sharing this week comes from Room 3. They have a class “Dis!” moment journal. As class members experience a “Dis!” moment during their day, they write it in the journal. This is helping the collection of “Dis!” moments to become a daily habit.

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During the school break, try

  1. Encourage noticing “Dis!” moments during the day

  2. Encourage verbalising and sharing these moments so it becomes natural and a habit

  3. Encourage discussions about how “Dis!” moments can uplift our mood and make us more positive

Just a reminder that our Pinehill parent webinar about The Resilience Project is on tonight at 7pm. See the link below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 826 7234 5568

Passcode: 103118

New Playground Stories

Yesterday the new playground opened. The house leaders from last year came from Intermediate School. Someone put water on our new playground and Kapa Haka did some songs. This morning we went to the new playground and played on it. I was too scared to go on the big echo slide. I could only do the blue one. It’s high but fun.There’s a bridge between the slides and it’s high and I’m scared of heights so I don’t go on it. In the new playground there are swings and monkey bars and a tunnel. To me, the best thing about the new playground is the blue slide.

By Dahamlee Lekamge, Room 13, Year 2

Playing on the playground, I went down the big green slide. The big green slide was like an echo slide. When I first tried the big green slide, I did not want to go but then I went to have a go for a try. Then I did it, I just faced my fears on the slide. I climbed up two times on the slide because it was very fun on the slide. It was not that scary or too high on the green slide. It was really fun. It was also fun climbing on the slide. It wasn’t that scary too. The slide was very fun

By Samantha Tamayo, Room 13, Year 2

Playing on the playground, I fell down on the basket swing because the boys swang it too fast. I love the basket swing and it was going sideways and up and down. The basket swing is making me a little bit dizzy and it is so much fun. I am so glad because the new playground has opened. We can go on it today before morning tea and on Tuesday and next Friday too. I will play there again. I remember that basket swing. In that basket swing there’s a frog picture on it. I really like that basket swing and that frog picture is so funny. We can also play on it before school.

By Charlotte Song, Room 13, Year 2

Playing on the swing, Amy was swinging higher. Riding up and down, Amy was getting higher and higher. Going on the swing, Amy was having lots of fun. Playing on the playground,

Amy liked playing on the playground. Going off the swing, Any went down the swing. Amy liked going on the swing but it was Aubree’s turn. Waiting in the line, Amy stopped playing on the swing.

By Amy Nguyen, Room 13, Year 2


Room 1 - Marie Esterhuizen

Room 2 - Lucas Yip

Room 3 - Daniel Liu

Room 4 - Dion Hambrook

Room 5 - Sophie Dixon

Room 6 - Zoe Xu

Room 7 - Shua Cho

Room 8 - Coco Li

Room 9 - Austin Bai

Room 10 - Tommy Tong

Room 11 - Christian Long

Room 12 - Rubab Siraj

Room 13 - Evan Lu

Room 14 - Emily Wang

Room 15 - Tania Luo

Room 16 - Angelina Xian

Room 17 - Daisy Yang

Room 18 - Chloe Leung

Room 19 - Lily Staples

Room 20 - Aiden Cen

Winning House - Motuihe

Basketball - Players of the day

Year 3/4 Pinehill Magic -

Blake Hambrook

Year 3/4 Pinehill Wizards -

Maaz Mohamed

Year 3/4 Pinehill Pirates -

Jonathan Qiao

Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat -

Luke Chung

Year 5/6 Pinehill Pistons -

Tom Bateup

Splash Polo - Player of the day

Pinehill Penguins

George Whittaker

Netball - Super Effort Trophy

Congratulations Pinehill Ferns for being awarded the Year 4 Super Effort trophy at the Kidzplay netball prizegiving today. One team in each year level is given this special award for effort throughout the season even when the results may not be in our favour.

Friends of Pinehill School

Last Fun Food Friday 30 September, online orders close tonight, 28 September.

Yummy Stickers

This year’s promotion has ended. Thank you to the families who contributed to this promotion. We have collected 8,233 Yummy stickers!! Now, it’s time to get new sports gear for the school. Yay! And the good news is we can keep collecting Yummy stickers for next year!

25th Anniversary Merch Sale

You can still purchase the merch via Kindo online shop if you missed the online sales. All orders will be delivered to your child’s class before Friday, 30th Sep.

Pricing of items:

● 25th Anniversary Teddy - Special Edition $15 ea

● 25th Silver Jubilee Pen $5 ea

● Reusable Glass Cup (350ml) $18 ea

● Mug $15 ea

● Pocket Notebook (House colours) $8

● Yoyo (House colours) $8

If you have any queries, please email Thank you for your support!

Jesters Pie Day will return in Term 4. Thank you for your support this term.

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