Bear Notes-Wk 37 May 23-27

Serving kids. Growing scholars.

Note from the principal...


First, let me say thank you for an extraordinary day on last Friday. You guys continue to surprise me, and trust me that's no easy task. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the gifts and the kind words but most importantly thank your for an incredible run. I could not be more proud of the fact that I will forever be associated with Brashear Elementary and "the legacy of excellence". I mean really how many people can say they work(ed) at one of American's best urban schools?

As we move further away from this school year and closer to next school year I just want to say that I know in my heart of hearts next year is going to be an incredible year for Brashear. Brashear is poised to continue doing great things. Please don't limit your success or the success of the school by placing limits on your skills and talents. Allow yourself to be used for the betterment of the team. Always be willing to turn up the heat and add that extra degree in a way that only you can.

You will soon have a new leader. One is who going to be excited (and a little nervous) about coming to Brashear. Please welcome them with open arms. Help them to acclimate to the culture and systems in place. Remember one language! Don't spend too much time reminiscing about the past. Remember the rear view mirror is small for a reason. Look boldly into the future and meet it head on with positivity and optimism. Each is day is a gift. Each school year an opportunity. Each child a miracle.

Have an excellent week!


Summer Professional Development


Friday, May 6th the summer PD catalog opened. Please check your email for the forms you will need to submit. Both forms are Friday, May 27th.

On the form titled


You will see the campus priorities. Please align your summer learning opportunities to these priorities. Even though you may not have your summative score you may still sign up for classes. In rare cases there may need to be minor adjustments made to your choices. Please be reminded that there is a 3.5 hour required course that all teachers must sign up for: Domain 1 - Rigor Through the Lens of the TEKS. Since all teachers are required to take the course you might want to sign up for it on Friday to beat the rush.

Book Fair

Book Fair runs

Tuesday, May 24th - Friday, May 27th

8:00 - 3:30

Grade Reporting

2015 -2016 Elementary Final Grade Reporting

Friday, May 27th

All teachers must be completed with all grade entry on GradeSpeed by 4 p.m.

Teachers must complete teacher made exams by Friday, May 27th

Close of day ACP grades will be loaded.

Grade Speed will be unavailable until Saturday, May 28th at 1 p.m.

Upload of ACP grades completed.

Tuesday, May 31st

GradeSpeed Administrator export grades.

CRC print and issue validations to teachers to review and corrections.

Wednesday, June 1st

Complete grade corrections, print/review report cards and issue to teachers for review by noon.

Thursday, June 2nd

Teachers issue report cards to students on the last day of school.

EOY Awards Ceremonies...

Please let me know if you would like for me to be on stage during your ceremony to hand out certificates and medals.

Friday, May 27th

9:00 - Grade 5

12:30 - Grade 1

Tuesday, May 31st

9:00 - Grade 4

12:30 - Grade 3

Wednesday, June 1st

9:00 - Kinder

12:30 - Grade 2

Thursday, June 2nd

9:00 - PK

Please get with Ms. Jones by Friday, May 20th to ensure you have the medals and/or certificates you need.

Please use the calendar posted on the auditorium door to sign up for rehearsal times.

Field Days!

Wednesday, June 1st 9:00 - 11:30 Grades 3-5

Thursday, June 2nd 9:00 - 11:30 Grade K-2

New District Goals


As you may have noticed that there hasn't been much emphasis placed on the core belief. Well that's because the belief have updated and have morphed into the newly approved District Board Goals:

District Board Goals

  • Goal 1: All students will exhibit Satisfactory or above performance on State assessments. Students below Satisfactory performance will demonstrate more than one year of academic growth;

  • Goal 2: Dallas ISD schools will be the primary choice for families in the district;

  • Goal 3: The achievement gap by race, ethnicity and social economic status will be no greater than 10 percentage points on all academic measures;

  • Goal 4: 95% of students will graduate. Of the graduates, 90% have qualifying scores for community college, college, military, or industry certification;

  • Goal 5: 95% of entering kindergarten students are school-ready on a multidimensional assessment;

  • Goal 6: All student will participate in at least one extracurricular or co-curricular activity each year.

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National Educators Bosses' Day! - Thanks everyone!

Dress Code Reminder...


As we finish out the last few days of school I am asking that everyone please be mindful of the Dallas ISD dress code policies. Please be reminded of a few things... sneakers are approved footwear only on designated days, flip flop are not permitted, t-shirts (including Brashear shirts) must be worn under a jacket or sweater unless on Fridays. Team, let's continue to be models for our scholars in how we present ourselves.

Carline Rotation Schedule


Since the carline rotation schedule ended last week please plan to start over with Week 1 and Week 2 for the remaining 8 days. However, please know best case scenario is all hands on deck. With that being said if you are available please lend a hand.

No more Administrative PLC's this school year!

ACP Testing Schedule

Wednesday, May 18th - Math Grades K-2 and 5

Thursday, May 19th - Reading Grades K-2 and 5

Friday, May 20th - Specials Grades 3-5

Monday, May 23rd - Social Studies Grades 3-5

Tuesday, May 24th - Science Grades 3 and 4

Wednesday, May 25th - Language Arts Grades 3-5

Thursday, May 26th - Makeups

Upcoming Events

May 10th - 25th - TEI roster verification window opens in MyDataPortal

May 18th - May 25th - ACP window

Mon., May 23rd - PD Grade Level Planning (Team Leaders room)

May 23rd - Jun 3rd - TEI Rebuttal window opens in Oracle

May 24th - May 27th - Book Fair 8:00- 3:30 (BlackBox Theater)

Thu., May 26th - ACP Make-ups

Fri, May 27th - Summer Learning Forms Due COB

Fri., May 27th - Blackout date

Mon., May 30th - Memorial Day - No School

Tue., May 31st - Blackout date

Tue., May 31st - Last Day for state to report out Grade 5 retake results for Reading and Math

Wed., Jun. 1st - Field Day - 3-5 8:30 - 11:30

Thu., Jun. 2nd - Field Day - K-2 8:30 - 11:30

Thu., Jun. 2nd - Last day for Scholars

Thu., Jun. 2nd - Last day to conduct Summative Conferences/ and Spot Observations

Thu., Jun. 2nd - Report Cards go home

Fri., Jun. 3rd - Last day for Teachers/Staff

Jacquelyn Burden - Principal

Affirmation of the Week - I own my life. I own my choices. I own my actions. I don't own anyone else's.

Quote of the Week - "The PLATINUM RULE: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you - IF YOU WERE THEM." This emphasizes meeting people where they are - not where we are."

Kristin Kaufman