Being too Patriotic?


Background Story

This just in, a local student at Harrison High School was suspended for 2 days because he was singing the National Anthem. The boy, Philip, tells me about his teacher at the school Miss Narwin and how they haven't had the best teacher student relationship this year. He told me about how every morning they play "The Star Spangled Banner" and he usually sings it but Miss Narwin yelled at him for it because it was a disturbance. So, she ends up kicking Philip out of the classroom and sends him to the principle, what happens then is he gets a suspension for 2 days because apparently there is a rule at school saying you can't sing the National Anthem! I think that it is totally absurd and so does running canidate for school board Mr.Griffen he says and I quote "I don't intend to be silent about this issue. This is a school, an American School, and parents have a right to expect that certain things, like values, will be taught. Community values. Things I believe in. I mean that. Sincerely." Mr. and Mrs. Malloy are very displeased with this incident and will not rest the case until they find justice. My investigation on this story is not over and as a writer I will keep my fellow citizens posted.