Weekly Jaguar Update

Jaguar students are amazing!

Somethings to Keep in Mind...

Jaguar teachers are noticing that students are requesting to borrow supplies a lot. Please make sure your students have all of the supplies they need. Some of their items may need to be replenished. Each week in our Success Classes we are doing AVID binder checks for the following materials. The check is for a grade.

2" or 3" in binder

Zipper pouch

2 or more pens

2 or more pencils

1 or more erasers

1 or more highlighters


Subject Dividers for Math, Science, E/LA, and Social Studies

Notebook Paper

Another item students need is color pencils - A lot of students need to replenish these and need a small hand sharpener to keep them fresh.


Next week is Science we will be learning more about motion. Specifically we will be graphing motion on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday we will be checking in our CO2 cars. On Friday we will be racing our cars. On Fridayparents are invited to participate in the activities as volunteers or simply race fans.


Next week in ELA we will be continuing our non-fiction study by pairing the students with partners and having them pick a topic on "how to" do something. The students will pick their topic, research it and then present step by step on how to accomplish their topic. The partner presentation will count as two daily grades.

Social Studies:

Get ready for some fun and creative experiential learning! Students will be creating their mini societies. We have been hard at work creating flags and new currency. Any donations parents can provide for our industries and businesses is much appreciated. Please NO food items that will rot and no candy. Dry rice and beans are fine.


All Math classes are working on FRACTIONS! We are converting fractions to decimals, changing between improper factions to mixed, adding and subtracting with like and unlike denominators, etc. This unit is always lots of fun because we sneak the learning in with tons of games. Everyone is working on a review on Wednesday 11/20 and testing on Thursday 11/21. As always - I will take the review sheet up for a completion grade.